DrMarodi 308

"He is a visiting Professor at day but he is a party animal at night... Abusing drugs, enjoying parties and checking the seedy underbelly of the great city of Mumbai."

So I wanted to use Chatterjee University, in criminal. As I see it it suites a slower playstyle where you have time to set up and somewhat controll the Corp.

The basic idea is to 1) click-up the university (while defending with Decoys and Fall Guys); 2) use Brahman to bounce back the Dogs (and in ideal case Femme); 2.5) Drog Dealer draws the bounced card back into your hand on the Corps turn; 3) install these programs again with a big discount from the University.

Card choices: -Exclusive party seems like a good draw-and money engine -Box-E over Logos because of the extra memory and a bigger handsize (hence Party and the Dealers). Also defends you well against may kill decks. -Data Dealer: for News team and Shi-kyu shenannigans also helps you being behind the Corp on points #Spookiness -Decoy: I recently had the pleasure two play againt Exchange of Information and it is not fun... this card is great against SEA Source. - Film Critic + The Source: 'nuff said -Aurora is just for emergency.

I know this is not the most efficient deck but...

Feedback is appreciated!

2 Jun 2016 The Broken Meeple

I forget the maths with Chatterjee, hard to tell if it's really that efficient when compared to gaining credits by normal and event means and paying the cost normally. But I guess in a Stirling deck you can afford to wait. I've yet to get him to work though, he seems fun to play but the long game usually means that the Corp has all his ICE out making breaking in really difficult.

3 Jun 2016 DrMarodi

It need some testing but it looks promising.