The Art of Intrusion 107: Transcendence

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"I'm done. I've run too much. I've done all I can here, I've surpassed the challenges. Now it's time to move on, and I'll leave my work in your capable hands. And I know they're capable, for I have seen your skill and creativity. This will be my last lesson to you; be free."


Let's not beat around the bush here; Rebirth is hella fun.

Sadly, this means we lose Stimhack, but we're fine with this. It means you need to be more careful of how you run, as you can't suddenly burst out a bunch of creds from nowhere.

Brahman is there as a catch-all and utility card. It lets us reset Cyber-Cypher, Cerberus "Lady" H1, D4v1d, and in a pinch Femme Fatale. If we encounter a Komainu, we can even pull a weird trick with Faerie and break it with only one credit and return the Faerie for use later.

Another Film Critic found its way into the deck, something this deck sorely needed to have better game against IG. If you draw one early, you can snatch the otherwise elusive Future Perfects.

Finally, Rebirth. This card is untested, but incredibly fun. Most often, you'll transform into Kate, Hayley or Rielle. Especially the code-gate-queen in conjunction with Yog.0 seems hillarious against the epidemic of Hive and Komainu.


Matchup tips

Meat: Imp is your best friend ever ever. Trash Scorches with wild abandon. Magnum Opus is your second best friend ever if they try to trace you.

Cambridge Net Damage: Keyhole is your best friend ever. Net Shield is your second best friend. Dismantle their decks, run remotes only if absolutely necessary. Don't play the shell game. Pressure centrals, Parasite anklebiters, and Imp kill operations from their hand.

FastAdvance: #SlotTheClot is as true as ever. Learn the timing windows and snatch their agendas then. When you think they're getting ready to score, spring a Nerve Agent on them and snatch that from hand. Your win is probably going to come from abusing Medium and efficient runs, so build up to to that endgame.

Rush: Keep your SMC's ready until the last possible moment. They will try to sneak agendas out behind cheap gearchecks, thinking you're too slow to catch them. Use Nerve Agent to stop them from storing agendas in hand. Force them into remotes, and snipe 'em from your workshop.

Glacier: Run early and often. Glacier decks thrive on slow runners, but you are not one of them. With Opus up, you can force them to rez Ice with Faerieie in play, and spread them thin. D4v1d is your best friend, Scavenge it often. Sneakdoor Beta can spread them too thin to properly protect themselves, and Opus economy beats them in the long run. Keep an Incubator on hand for when you need the counters, and you should stomp them.

Combo: Look for the telltale signs (Jacksons in HQ, Power Shutdowns, Accelerated Diagnostics) If you can sniff them out as combo decks, you can get rid of their combo pieces with Imp and Keyhole, allowing you to stay alive until your lategame. If your opponent is playing Haarpsichord, Cerebral Imaging or Blue Sun, be on the lookout for the signs of combo.

Museum Assetspam: Shoot yourself in the mouth? No, we have game against them as well. Imp is MVP here. Scavenge it, Incubate it, do whatever it takes to make the Imp trash all the things. Use Keyhole or Medium to punish R&D. Astrolabelabe keeps us in tempo and above dying, and Net Shield keeps us safe from bleeding too much.


"Here are the keys to my workshop. Here are the programs I've used. Here is the code to my avatar. I hand it to you in the hope that you will do great things with it, and on only one condition; never use my name. You are your own runners, I'm just an old man. New runners destroy the old."

14 Mar 2017 dbAdmin

I enjoyed reading your series of Professor decks. I started learning the game a few months ago and there is still a long ways to go.

14 Mar 2017 pang4

Why thank you. I'm up to the 301 deck right now, but I haven't published in a while.