Haley's Chemical Enlightenment

Nordrunner 4024

Haley was told her entire life she was destined for great things, her master trained her in the ways of meditation and non-attachment. Her master encouraged her to explore a all ways of life to have better understanding of the way ALL things are.

As a result of wanting to understand what attracts people to chaos, she made a friend named MaxX. MaxX brought Haley to her first rave party and gave Haley a Red Pill. Although Haley was not impressed with the dancing and music, she did realize how much of her life she had been wasting on sleep and imagined the possibilities.

Haley studied fervently, and learned her purpose in life is to painstakingly dismantle the plans of immoral Corporations through peaceful hacking. Through this she finds her liberation, her peace, her purpose. When she's plugged in, she uses means of space/time manipulation, loads of Diesel, and still keeps a Red Pill handy in case of emergency.

OK... but how do you play it?

It actually plays pretty well. After watching @forktines play his Stunt Pony 2.1 at ETX this last weekend, I saw an incredible amount of potential in the DDoS/False Echo plan in shaper, read his deck write up for more details on that combo. With 3 DDoS I can use them to steal an early agenda if the corp tries to rush, or I will use it to land an early indexing. Getting an early lead is huge, because you want to put the corp in a position where when you use Liberated Chela they are sacrificing agendas to save the game. You can play from behind as well, but get an early agenda or 2 if possible.

Haley's ability enables all kinds of extra clicks, and can make All-Nighter essentially a free click. Sometimes you will use these extra clicks for Liberated Chela, sometimes for rerunning R&D after indexing, sometimes for other things.

The challenge is knowing when to use your DDoS and what server. Indexing is the main gameplan, but you can def run hand if you feel they have agendas, or steal agendas in heavily guarded remotes. Councilman will save you from carpice or Jackson Howard (after indexing).

Don't save your hyperdriver for anything. Just get it down asap and use it asap. Get set up as soon as you can, especially getting early fan sites on the table. I will use my SMC's to get hyperdrivers almost every time.

Often times during a game you have a full hand of useful cards, and you dont want to proco. This is the time to put a counter on Temple of the Liberated Mind. You will win the game on explosive turns. Using a click to setup a monster turn later, or turning on Liberated Chela is worth it.

This is living the jank dream, and it's actually pretty good. I hope you enjoy!

2 Jun 2016 FarCryFromHuman

@Nordrunner Looks like New Angeles City Hall is panning out then?

2 Jun 2016 Nordrunner

@FarCryFromHumanI think it's necessary in the these times of tags and The All-Seeing-I

2 Jun 2016 forktines

First of, thanks for the shout out, second, has it been aggressive enough that clot is not required? Best of luck.

3 Jun 2016 Nordrunner

@forktines also notoriety can be an easy point to score with this deck for saccing for 2 points or winning with.

3 Jun 2016 Nordrunner

@forktineshmm, somehow my first response didnt make it through. I was saying how Liberated Chela can work an entirely different angle of control. That is, if they dont sacrifice points, you win. It's not to hard to get a fan site or 3 down and a way to use liberated Chela. You just need to be able to remote snipe or early index an agenda or two, and you should be in good shape.

3 Jun 2016 Lisum

The one concern I'd have with this list vs the Val one is HB can FA an accelerated beta test, and any ice they get to rez will prevent everything behind it from being false echoed. In Val, you can still blackmail to bounce everything behind it. A clot or equivalent seems really key.

3 Jun 2016 FarCryFromHuman

@Lisum Soon Ankusa + Paintbrush will be an option (he says, only half joking).

3 Jun 2016 Nordrunner

@FarCryFromHuman Ya, or Tinkering works too! Don't think I haven't already dreamed this janky dream. :D

13 Jun 2016 vor_lord

What about "Freedom Through Equality" to go on your big turns?

16 Aug 2016 castlemj

This list is a lot of fun.

Question--what do you think about swapping Amped Up and Councilman for Hostage and Political Operative?

Political Operative is a bit more versatile than Councilman, as Caprice Nisei, Crisium Grid and others can be a problem if the corp rezzes them before you find your single Councilman. On the other hand, Councilman stopping Jackson Howard from ruining your Indexing run can be invaluable. Do you always wait for Councilman before indexing when there's an unrezzed asset in a remote and/or upgrade in R&D? So I'm on the fence about that one. Maybe drop something else, keep Councilman, and use the 1 inf for Employee Strike?

That point aside, I think Hostage is nice. It let's you grab the single Political Operative (or Councilman) in an emergency, get your single Film Critic out when you're up against yellow and don't want to lose your New Angeles City Hall, pull a Liberated Chela when you're ready to score it, or even just get out Professional Contacts more quickly if you don't start with it in hand, which is always a pain.

17 Aug 2016 castlemj

Sorry to double post, but just to follow up on that thought, making the change above and swapping out Temple of the Liberated Mind for the new Beth Kilrain-Chang is really nice.

Because you're rarely forcing the corp to rez ice, they'll often be above 15 creds. The single Beth becuase can be grabbed with Hostage, netting you an extra click every turn. This works great so far.