Waldemar Revisited

Xanshi 199

I decided to revisit an old deck build that i enjoyed at a time. As the title suggest, the deck is derived from Waldemar. I suggest you visit the original deck for a more in-depth strategies.

The deck revolves around scoring Mandatory Upgrades. Gaining that 4th , making it much easier to Fast Advance your agendas. The 6 advance requirement makes Mandatory Upgrades barely usable.

The idea is try to score Mandatory Upgrades asap. If the runner steals the agenda, you simply use your Media Blitz to gain that extra .

Along with Jeeves Model Bioroids, you can easily gain your 5th . And brings you much closer in scoring your own or another Mandatory Upgrades.

The single copy of Cerebral Overwriter is in the deck to scare the runner. Simply use it to make your runner believe you are attempting to score a Mandatory Upgrades. Most of the time, it will scare the runner. Giving you ample time to score out an Upgrade.