Hayley Trader (Copenhagen Regionals 28-05-2016, 2nd Place)

aermet69 92

My runner deck for the Copenhagen Regionals. Since Democracy And Dogma has been lost in some shipping, it wasn't legal - hence no Idustrial Genomics counters. I was 5-3 in total, just barely making the top 4 cut.

4 Jun 2016 Tsgstarwars

First of all, I LOVE the idea of using tech trader out of faction, particularity with pantachantra and disposable breakers.

How did using 2 net chips work for you?

4 Jun 2016 aermet69

To be honest, they underperformed. The idea was that I could host SMCs late game where two Akamatsus wouldn't give me enough raw memory. In fact, on several occassions I was having some mem issues due to them not being Akamatsus. In hindsight, I should have stayed old school - or gone up to three Net Chips. I was drawn to the potentiel! :-)

TechTrader is nuts if this deck gets rolling you can run on 1-2 creds and break into the largest glacier server and still beat ASH there.

4 Jun 2016 Pinkwarrior

@aermet69 Must admit I like the Tech Trader here with plenty to scrap to make use out of em. Sounds like it needs a little tweak but nice idea and gratz on making 2nd.

5 Jun 2016 aermet69

I should probably have written a bit more before posting. The can basically tear through any Glacier style deck you can imagine. Deus X / Sharpshooter work wonders on big ICE. Most of those that are already destroyers, Sharpshooter can take out for 1 cred.

To stop the deck completely, the Corp needs four rungs of ICE, none of which are Tracers, Destroyers, AP or lower STR Barriers (I would consider barriers at 4+ to be a steep price unless I 'need' to get in). Very few decks can accomplish this.

At the same time, it has a very decent game against faster decks. With Clot+Clone Chips to help against FA and Inti + 1x Panchatantra and Gingerbread/Deus X/Sharpshooter is often all you need to get in somewhere. When you can, start digging for interfaces to get the lock going as well as possible.

To make the deck better against IG/Museum decks, I'd change 1x Stimhack, 1x Hunting Grounds and 1x Sports Hopper for 1x Salsatte Islands, 1x Paricia and 1x Net Shield. If you can find the Islands you should be good to go.

5 Jun 2016 Pinkwarrior

@aermet69 I see I was thinking that Panchatantra & Gingerbread wasn't that good a combo do you get much use out of gingerbread?

I can see Panchatantra been good with the Sharpshooter/Deus X id not fully noticed that. I assume you mean Salsette Slums as island isn't a card to my knowledge do you think thats a better card over Employee Strike? as that's what I run for IG mainly cos I find it's not dead against other decks.

How do you think the deck would do against Weyland mainly with Curtain Wall's as that seems to be where my area is going atm ?

5 Jun 2016 aermet69

I did of course mean Salsatte Slums (didn't check the card title until later). If you get into late late game, you absolutely want Gingerbread down, so you don't have to fetch and draw for breakers all the time. At that point, you should also be fairly rich or able to easily become so by trashing a couple of cards.

Blue Sun was one of the first decks I tested against, and it got wrecked. You may not always be able to do it, but a Panchatantra + Deus X trashes an Oversighted Curtain Wall turn 1. If you can double install a pair of 0 cost resources first (like Tech Writer and whatever) even better, then you are not completely broke afterwards. But the fact that Oversight is near unplayable against this deck helps a lot. If you are too worries, bring another Plascrete. But even if they don't Oversight it, it ain't no problem. It still isn't stronger than Deus X.

I haven't tested a lot against IG, because Democracy & Dogma weren't legal for the tournament. But if you can slum at least two out of three Bio-Ethics, they have no win condition. Then you just go hardcore on R&D/HQ until you find those agendas. If I'm out for blood on the Ethics, I'd rather just run Archives to zero in the trash cost (or pay upfront if it's not ridiculous). Remember, they only have one win condition against you - if it is the Museum kind.

5 Jun 2016 Pinkwarrior

@aermet69 Thanks for the reply that's very helpful insight am gonna have to give it a spin my self now.