Sunny Remembers

RhiaCat 3

Sunny Lebeau is my favorite runner and I'm looking to see if I can't get her more powerful.

Econ Suite is pretty common - Sure Gamble is my burst econ, Daily Casts, Compromised Employee, Data Folding, Underworld Contact, and Professional Contacts are my drip econ.

Dig is also pretty prevalent given our 50 card deck - Patron, Professional Contacts, and Street Peddler give us ways to dig deeper to find what we need.

Dyson Mem Chip, Security Nexus, Compromised Employee, and Sports Hopper all give us link to power up our Security Nexus and Security Chip.

We're going for heavy multiaccess, making use of Jak Sinclair to get a bunch of counters on The Turning Wheel, then use that with The Maker's Eye for a deep R&D Dig. We also use it as an early threat.

Breaker suite is pretty generic - Sunny's cloud breakers work really well with Overmind, which gives us a lot of early aggression.

5 Jun 2016 Pinkwarrior

@RhiaCat got to say theirs alot I agree with here personally id want to use that MU rather than leave aload free but least your using Overmind so in away its all been used. I think +7 link is way overbaord tho, I personally don't want more than 3 in a sunny deck but you have Compromised Employee on top of that so I feel alot of it will be wasted more often than not. It looks like a good deck tho.

6 Jun 2016 RhiaCat

@PinkwarriorI know I went a bit heavy on Link, but I think that it's worth it. Every card in the deck that gives link has a secondary purpose, and between Security Nexus and Security Chip I get a lot of use out of the link. A lategame The Maker's Eye plus Chip plus Turning Wheel lets me get a huge access at very cheap lategame. (Also I love Chipping Overmind)