Astro City Hall's Temple Thingy (8th ATL Regional, variant o

hasuprotoss 345

This deck and the two variants of it played by Pacer and Zach (the changes to get to their lists are below) went a combined 14-1 at Atlanta regionals, with the only loss being my piloting against Zach's Andy in the cut. Basically your opponent has two choices: kill your assets and not develop their board, or develop their board and let you get so much good stuff that it's really hard for you to lose.

Changes to get to Zach's list: -1 NAPD, -1 Archange, +1 Exploda-palooza, +1 Mumbad City Hall

Changes to get to Pacer's list: -1 Archangel, +1 Little Engine

All deckbuilding credit should go to Zach!

5 Jun 2016 percomis

Am I missing something or is MCH only for fetching Temples? Is it worth the 2 inf and slots?

5 Jun 2016 maxey

Finally someone else is on the MCH train.

6 Jun 2016 Whizkid

Astroscript? What's that do?

13 Jun 2016 LSK

What's the Global Food for? It feels like it's supposed to be a route to 7 points exactly here, but it's pretty hard to score