Racecar in the Red - 3rd place in Chicago, IL Regional

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'...I'm a f#king race car, all right? And you got me in the red. And I'm just saying, I'm just saying that it's f#@king dangerous to have a race car in the f&@king red, that's all. I could blow.'*


'Turn 1.... Hedge Fund, ICE HQ, Fast Track Astro. Your go.'


'Fast Track an Astro, install on SanSan, Biotic, Advance, use Astro counter, install CVS, rez/fire it, score.'



Having always loved fast advance (FA), I wanted to try it once at a Regional. I played IG for the first and last time at my first Regional this year, so it was time to get out the FA sports hopper. I have tooled around with Jeeves, in both NEH and ETF, having fun and success in both. However, I long for the days of 3 Biotic NEH, and MWL be damned, I was going to try it.

Basically, I dropped my previous fun of Team Sponsorship and Special Offer for raw speed. This deck is about redlining the speed of the game, either forcing risky runs on HQ for a chance at the Astro, or just blowing out the opponent. The deck frequently bleeds agendas, and you hope they are Explodes. I like the razor's edge of the deck at times, winning close games a turn or two ahead of the opponent. It can lose to random accesses, but a lot of decks can.

To go to 3 Biotic, a sacrifice had to be made. I opted for a loss of a SanSan City Grid, which seems fine in a Whizz dominated world. On top of that, the money is all liquid, in the form of ICE and operations. Finally, to accelerate even further, draw through assets pushing the Runner to either waste time running/trashing them, or let you set up your win condition ever faster, while protecting R&D by burying agendas.

If you want a fast deck that can blow by Whizz pretty well, try it out. If you lose with it, don't blame me.

Shouts to thebigboy and ajar for inspiration. They mentioned they were working on a similar build months ago, and I have been tuning it up since, playing at least 100 games (thanx, Damon, for the advice) with it to favourable results.

5 Jun 2016 ABushelOfGoats

i blew my engine just by reading this

5 Jun 2016 x3r0h0ur

Ya forgot to put sentries yer deck ya dingus.

5 Jun 2016 spags

Sentries are a crutch.

5 Jun 2016 ANRguybrush

why did you spell racecar backwards?

5 Jun 2016 krystman


5 Jun 2016 scd

I sleeved this today and won a game in like 4 turns. Then I lost a game in like 8. It's therefore 50% wonderful, 50% terrible. Or maybe I am. Or both.

6 Jun 2016 scd

Also: "'Fast Track an Astro, install on SanSan, Advance, use Astro counter, Biotic, install CVS, rez/fire it, score.'"

Also, I'm confused. That's one of two options:

click 1 - play Fast Track; click 2 - install Astro in server with SanSan; click 3 - Advance ... now you're out of clicks and can't Biotic


click 1 - play Fast Track; click 2 - install Astro in server with SanSan; advance the Astro (so it's now at 1 advancement, needs 2 to score); click 3 - Biotic, gaining two clicks; click 4 - install CVS; rez/fire it... but can't score because Astro is only advanced once.

So, it should be: "Fast Track an Astro, install on SanSan, use Astro counter, Biotic, Advance, install CVS, rez/fire it, score.'"

This is the most pedantic comment I've ever left on a deck.

6 Jun 2016 spags

Corrected. Thanx, Dad.

6 Jun 2016 spags

I did submit this on an iPhone. Forgiveness, please.

6 Jun 2016 Epimer

How are you finding the Pop-ups over Special Offer, since you're relying on sheer speed?

11 Jul 2016 Bogart

Took this to two regionals (with Noise) and dropped 3 games out of 11, finishing 4th and 5th after the cut. It's a fantastic deck and most of the losses were down to not taking the most aggressive scoring path when a decision appeared. Scoring an Astro turn one with a Biotic and a Shipment vies with fast tracking an Astro into a thinly iced HQ for my favourite plays.