Clones on Sales Train (S.-Petersburg Regionals Winner)

igrekk 989

Sales Train

The deck is pretty straightforward, as suggested by its name. Thanks to the original list and @TheBigBoy. I've made several changes due to my vision of the current meta and playstyle. Let's talk about my choices: Agenda suite is pretty standard - I want to win by scoring 3 agendas, and lose only when 4 are stolen.

Corporate Sales Team is a tempo-monster, clickless money that a rush deck desperately needs. Often I go Fast Track right for sales team as the first agenda to score, because it makes a much more noticeable impact early/mid-game.

Philotic Entanglement was a last moment change from NAPD Contract to enable never advance shenanigans or simple score of 2 points if the opponent doesn't expect it. Was the finisher in finals.

Single Snare! is enough to scare with Celebrity Gift or catch opponent off guard on R&D dig.

"Clones are not People" is a dirty card. Included as a backup plan when my Foods are stolen and I go: Install, advance, advance, followed by next turn "Clones", advance, advance - score Nisei for 3 points. Won finals with with fast track into Philotic, install, advance. Next turn shout out-loud "CLONES ARE NOT PEOPLE!", advance, advance and score for the win.


I prefer to keep one Interns as a backup plan, but i never used it during the tournament.

Eli 1.0 is still a strong choice. The initial list had 3, but I ended up with just one.

Wall of Static is a good ETR ice vs Faust. Much better than Bako.

Crick is good ice and the best guardian of Archives. One is enough.

Enigma is good ETR with taxing option.

Little Engine was the MVP of the tournament. Only shapers have the answers to it, all other factions cry desperately. Almost every game had this little boy on scoring remote securing safe scoring with Caprice.

Yagura is cheap parasite fodder with decent impact if left unbroken.

Only one Assassin due to high cost.

Ichi 1.0 is nice taxing ice and tasty Batty target on R&D or remote.

Pup is here to take low cost ice slot while 3 of them stacked is serious taxing power. Best choice in faction.

Swordsman - one goes on remote, second on R&D and one of them will surely fire (;

Rainbow thanks to @gabsnow18 and list for cutlery protection idea. Still a decent tax for Faust.

And no Lotus Field field which is an absurdly bad choice in the Faust meta!


7 Jun 2016 ANRguybrush

I was struggling with my Palana because it was too slow and really depended on scoring the right agendas early. More sales team can probably do the job, it's a great card.

I'll play 3xEli and 2xCobra instead of Ichis and see how it'll go. Rainbow doesn't convince me, since putting yagura or pup in front of your expensive ice will usually do the job.

7 Jun 2016 igrekk

Yagura or Pup will not make it cause runner simply will not break any subs on them.

7 Jun 2016 igrekk

Still yagura is a weakest slot and possible change for Komainu

7 Jun 2016 ANRguybrush

u r right. I really like yagura, though.

8 Jun 2016 Bandura

I'd recommend 3x Swordsman if this needs to be teched against anarch so strongly as to include Little Engines.

Not sure so much tech is needed though, as anarch are not a bad matchup even for default Palana builds. But Engines, Rainbows and maybe even Pups make you worse off against crims. With the wheel out, Au Revoir Andy is a beast and will see a lot of play.