1st Place Euregio Championship 2016 Classic Andy 1.0

JackMade 2483

This deck carried me to victory going 7-1. The only loss was due to a double Sweeps Week in the first turn into Midseason Replacements from a SYNC Deck.

Changes for the future would be to swap out a Corroder and the Femme Fatale for a Mimic and an Inti as well as making room for at least one The Turning Wheel by cutting a R&D Interface.

7 Jun 2016 herr.Connoisseur

Congratulations @JackMade, always been a fan of yours. :)

7 Jun 2016 JackMade

Thank you very much.

7 Jun 2016 Django84

I am pretty sure it was only one Sweeps and maybe a Hedge turn 1, I am not that lucky :D Congrats again on the win, well played in the final matches!

7 Jun 2016 JackMade

That may very well be true :) Thanks.

7 Jun 2016 tzeentchling

Did you find yourself using Rebirth much? If so, who did you turn into?

Were there a lot of damage decks there? Was one Sports Hopper and a Crash Space enough?

7 Jun 2016 JackMade

I Rebirthed in roughly half of the games and always turned into Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist, but that was just always the best choice. Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional and Iain Stirling: Retired Spook can be great choices as well. I think, i would never consider Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord but all the other ID's are viable choices.

I played against one Butcher/Glass Shop Deck in the finals and against one Jinteki PE Deck. In both games, the protection was sufficient. I tuned this deck to be strong against FA, so there was not that much space for damage protection.

8 Jun 2016 TheRyanBurke

Why go in on a Mimic instead of a second Mongoose? It would let you preserve the backup Corroder.

Would you consider dropping to 2 Desperado to fit in a The Turning Wheel? Is it critical to get Desperado on the board ASAP at all costs?

What are the Easy Marks doing for you? Could these be Career Fair or Fisk Investment Seminar?

8 Jun 2016 JackMade

@TheRyanBurke The idea behind Mimic is, that you have a more efficient breaker especially for Turnpike with all the SYNC running around. Additionally you have a good solution for stacked sentries on R&D or HQ against HB (Architect can be broken by Mimic).

I would never consider dropping a Desperado because it is the main economy engine against all the Asset Spam Decks. The Turning Wheel is nice, but it's not that important.

Easy Mark is there to have more really good starting hands, so that you can install more expensive cards like Earthrise Hotel, Desperado and breakers if needed. Career Fair is an option too for that matter, but it's sometimes too situational, and is don't want to focus that much on resources. Fisk Investment Seminar does nothing in that matter.

9 Jun 2016 firesa

Congrats, I like the deck on paper. I have been running stealth instead, and whilst I really like the look of this one, how does it fare v palana/hb glacier, RP, or Bsun? Will test this at a local gnk tonight before deciding whether to run a modified version of this or my trusty stealth build for regionals on the weekend :)

9 Jun 2016 firesa

Played it tonight (well...some small differences but close enough) and went 3-0 v Blue Sun, NEH, and some Jinteki crap, so maybe I was wrong. Will test it a bit more and then decide whether to take it on the weekend. The strong NEH match up is pretty neat

9 Jun 2016 JackMade

The Sneakdoor Beta is the single best card in this deck for a lot of matchups especially NEH. And less people will expect it in Andy.