Thank You For Scorching

WayneMcPain 413

This is the BABW deck I took to the St. Louis MO Regionals. It didn't win, and it didn't make top cut. But it is really, really fun and did surprisingly well for me, so I figured I'd share.

The deck is based on JohnnyMilton's deck Jack's Renaissance. The gameplan is pretty much the same: Make a bunch of money, score Agendas when you can, and setup the big Midseasons play. The only difference is you have four copies of Midseasons for the price of one thanks to Consulting Visit.

With that extra influence, you can run a couple of really important backup plan cards for when the runner turtles up and refuses to die or has had worse. Psychographics gives you a way to quickly score out with High-Risk Investment, while Exchange of Information makes including that HRI much less of a liability. Oh and both of these one-of cards are tutorable with Consulting Visit and can be fetched out of the trash with Archived Memories. It's actually difficult to not have the key cards at hand with this deck.

The rest of the deck is pretty self explanatory. You got ICE, money, Agendas that make money and Jacksons.


How do you deal with Film Critic?

Play fast. Play smart. Hope it isn't in their deck.

Why Lotus Field?

Because I hate not having good code gates. It can be a Wraparound or Swordsman if you think you need more Faust hate, but I think the rest of the ICE suite is fairly decent vs Faust.


I lost two games with this deck at Regionals. One was due to the boneheaded mistake of attempting Midseasons instead of scoring out when I had a remote locked down against a Stealth Andy that couldn't find breakers. Protip #1: Don't get narrow sighted on the Midseason plan!

The other game I lost because in ~10 rounds of play I saw a single transaction, which was a Restructure. Also drew lots of agendas that weren't Hostile Takeover. Also by the time I found money, they found Film Critic. Protip #2:....make sure to draw economy? Don't get flooded?


So yeah, that's the deck. It still needs some tweaks, but I think its a really fast and deadly take on BABW Midseason. Since the tournament I have not lost a single game yet, and have managed to land Midseasons every game. Consulting Visit is pretty good. You should play it.

As always, suggestions are welcome and Thank You for Scorching!

8 Jun 2016 FarCryFromHuman

I'm wondering if trading a Hunter for a Snatch and Grab would solve pretty much all the Film Critic problems? Consulting Visit is really good...

8 Jun 2016 M1ke

I wonder if Salem's Hospitality could call this deck home, since NBN alliance is already declared.

8 Jun 2016 WayneMcPain

@FarCryFromHuman Everybody else I've seen that has played a Midseason deck has said that Snatch and Grab is great in theory, but in practice ends up using up all your money to kill the FC and then you lose your window. I personally haven't tried it, it may be worth it with Consulting Visit to fetch it. Thanks for the suggestion!

@M1ke Salem's is a good idea. I haven't really had much trouble killing Anarchs with this deck, at least not yet. I probably have just gotten lucky and missed the IHW, or they couldn't draw one. :P but it still might be worth it just to see their hand and determine if I can make a scoring play behind a gear check they don't have an answer for. Not sure what to cut though! Good suggestion!

11 Jun 2016 JohnnyMilton

I really like this list =D Consulting Visit is so hot.

12 Jun 2016 WayneMcPain

@JohnnyMilton Thanks man! And thank you for the original concept and inspiration! :)

1 Aug 2016 helloledbetter

@WayneMcPain I've been playing this deck as my 2nd deck for over a month... and not only has it been a blast to play, but I keep coming back to the idea that it's actually pretty good? Like worth bringing to a certain upcoming huge convention good? Do you have any thoughts given everything that's happened since June? Thanks in advance, and thanks for the deck :)