Pen-Test Rig v1

Grimmaggro 26

This is the first revision of my take on Sunny.

I realized that I wanted to make full use of Security Nexus and use it as my main way of getting through ICE while simultaneously having enough economy to be able to use my awesome breakers, should the need arise. Cards such as Dyson Mem Chip, Sports Hopper and most excitingly, Disrupter, are there to make the trace from Nexus easily passable.

A big bulk of my influence has gone into Career Fair, Modded, and The Supplier which are badly needed to get me going early on.

I haven't had a chance to play-test this deck, so I am unsure of how Ghost Runner, Kati Jones and Earthrise Hotel will do but time will give me the answers I so desperatly need.

Any input is welcome!

10 Jun 2016 VixinXiviir

What's your take on Rabbit Hole? Easy link from your deck, only need one to get it going.

10 Jun 2016 Grimmaggro

@VixinXiviir I thought about it, but I decided to go with the Sports hopper instead because it has the trash ability. I am however thinking about going 2 Dyson 1 Sports and 3 Rabbit holes.

Still need to do a lot of tinkering!

10 Jun 2016 PurinaBisonChow

What's the purpose of playing Disrupter? I assume you're looking to play it to reset the Security Nexus trace but doing that, the majority of the time, doesn't actually save you any money and won't serve any purpose since seeing you at 5+ link will cause the corp to just wave their hand and let you have the easy bypass (and you can't use Disrupter once the corp has spent credits on the trace). At least Power Tap would give you more money for that spent influence.

11 Jun 2016 Pinkwarrior

@Grimmaggro I don't see much here that would cause a corp any problems theirs no multi-access at all. On top of that your slowing your deck down with all the link theirs little in here to speed you up other than some Special Order's & a bit of draw don't forget you got 5 more cards than everyone else to get through.

You have alot of econ cards which is nice tho i feel your spending a little 2 much Influence their. Your also not using all your Influence which is a big no no even just adding a R&D Interface or 2 The Turning Wheel would instantly make the deck better.

2 extra link is the most sunny will ever make use of assuming your running her console. I think you need to ask is Dyson Mem Chip worth keeping in the deck for Data Folding that's 6 credits to keep 1 c a turn coming in more for 2c especially when Underworld Contact doesn't need anything and is cheaper. Running 3 extra link i feel id fine with something like Sports Hopper as its not just link and running 3 give's you higher odd's of seeing the 2 you want. If you really want more than that then like suggested above some thing like Power Tap is better in it's place as it will act as link while you don't have it and as econ when you do.