Straight Edge Noise

WayneMcPain 413

This is Straight Edge Noise. He doesn't need any of your modern Noise's nasty drug habits or getting smashed all night at scummy night clubs. He's not going to pawn off all his stuff to fund his unhealthy lifestyle, or sell his soul. SxE Noise has left that lifestyle behind him. But just because he works a 9-5 and does freelance busywork on the weekends, doesn't mean he isn't still Anarch to the core. He still tears through Corporate servers with reckless abandon, but now with a clear head and some technical ingenuity.

I've always been intrigued by Noise, but most modern Noise builds just don't strike my fancy. I don't like Faust or pitching good cards to it, or being overly reliant on having your engine together or you stall. I wanted a more classic take on Noise using standard breakers that could still be aggressive and have quick answers at hand, while really highlighting his ID ability and getting maximum benefit from program/virus installs.

A lot of what you have here is very reminiscent of core set Noise. Some of the standout pieces are:

Technical Writer: I will usually keep an opening hand that has one of these and often mulligan for it. You can get by on fairly low credits most of the time, but you want to be building up credits for impactful runs. Along with Cyberfeeder and Scheherazade, you can be potentially installing most of your cards for free and building up money for big pushes later.

Symmetrical Visage: You'll be manually drawing a lot, so making a little bit of flex cash on the side is really great for keeping you in Gamble range. You also pretty much want to install a card nearly every turn, so you want to make sure you have money for viruses. This card pulls double duty in that way, drawing and paying for what you draw.

Self-modifying Code: Install for free, making money with Tech Writer or Scheherezade, and then grab whatever you want. Sometimes a breaker, sometimes Parasite. It's very flexible and allows some aggressive running since we don't have Faust.

Atman: Gotta have some kind of answer for Lotus Field, but with Datasuckers, Atman is very flexible and powerful. Installed at 1 once to get past an Ice Wall on Archives because I couldn't draw Corroder. It just does work.

Archives Interface: This Deck doesn't really run silver bullets. This card is the closest thing to it though. It can take care if Cyberdex for turning off viruses, kill key cards from getting Jackson'd, avoid traps. It's just good.

Wanton Destruction: Surprise HQ pressure. Nuff said.

And the rest is pretty standard. This is my first Noise deck. It's not top tier, but it's fun and different and I'm enjoying it a lot. Hope you do too. Suggestions are always welcome!

10 Jun 2016 PureFlight

I think Clot would be welcome here. Gives you great defense vs FA, mills a card, and you'd only need 1x because you're running SMC. I suppose I'd drop either a Déjà Vu or an Imp for the slot.

I could see using Clone Chip over SMC for the instant speed Parasite (soooo good!).

Archives Interface is really awesome. It's universally good because every corp deck runs Jackson and therefore expects to recur some cards. Love it in Noise because you'll be running Archives periodically anyway to check milled cards. Oops, did I mill your Midseasons? Lemme just remove that from the game for you so you don't have to worry about it any more. :-p

10 Jun 2016 WayneMcPain

@PureFlight yeah, Archives Interface can be really good. It's definitely a flex slot, but I really wanted a way to deal with Cyberdex since I'm heavily resilient on Datasucker for breaking and killing ICE. Salsette Slums might not be a bad choice either.

I'm really on the fense about Clot. It's true that it's good vs FA, and I can tutor it with SMC, but without Clone Chip I can't threaten it from the heap, so it's a one time use kind of thing. It also eats up my SMC instead of being used for a breaker or Parasite. It a a great card, but without instant speed recursion, I think I'd rather have something more general purpose. Besides, Noise puts a fair bit of pressure on FA as is.

Thanks for the suggestions!