Dante's Inferno

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When I see Exchange of Information I love it. This card is great. I decided to use it as the main game plan.
Also decided to not use cash asset to making money (Wizzard, Scrubber and others), only operation, making money ICE, upragade and agendas.


Two reasons:

  1. steal only one agenda in turn give time to setup, and earn money
  2. sometimes helps score one of two agendas install in one turn


  1. ASAP make money.
  2. Scoring Breaking News, or 15 minut.
  3. Tagg Runner.
  4. No blocking Runner when his run. Let them steal ;)
  5. Exchange of Information
  6. Plan B: Scorche Earth

Important note:
Protect Quantum Predictive Model on centrals, you really need them when Runner is tagged.


Money engine:

  1. Operation cards
  2. Cash making ICE
  3. Produkt Placement
  4. Explode-a-palooza

Important note:
I earn a lot of money in Runner turn. It's very helpfull.


Only 4 blocking ICE, rest for money and tag.


Real hell begin when you tag the Runner (it's not very difficult).

  1. HELL action: trash resources
  2. HELL action: self scoring Quantum Predictive Model
  3. HELL action: swap agenda - Exchange of Information
  4. HELL action: Scorche Earth
  5. HELL action: trash rig - Information Overload
  6. DOUBLE HELL action: Exchange of Information when runner stole Global Food Initiative and swap with 15 min, then take 15 min (I call this combo: DOUBLE HELL)


Full of money card, Midseasons is also helpfull.


This deck is very annoying for every Runner and easy to play.

11 Jun 2016 pandaman64

I don't think I get product placement in this. Or blue level clearance.

That said this looks better than the previous version of this you put out. I really dig it.

11 Jun 2016 dante77

@pandaman64In this deck you need money ASAP.

11 Jun 2016 Antiqui

I played against this deck (i think with my Wonder Brah! Deck)

Was an tough game. Maybe insteat of Product Placement, an Reality Three dee?

11 Jun 2016 dante77

@Antiqui I don't like give bud pub to Runner.

12 Jun 2016 benticurus

big fan of your decks, @dante77. thnx for sharing !

12 Jun 2016 dante77

@benticurusThank you. I always try to build a original deck for no-mainstream ID.

12 Jun 2016 Maniac
12 Jun 2016 dante77

@Maniac Not bad idea. I try. Thx a lot man.

13 Jun 2016 dante77

I also thinking about swap 1x SEA Source to 1x Closed Accounts.

15 Jun 2016 alientoyshop

I promise I'll give this a spin and let you know what I think!

15 Jun 2016 dante77

@alientoyshop I know. Thx mate.