"Bioroids are not people"

pang4 831

Welcome back to the stage, Adam!

Over the last few packs, we've seen some extremely good cards for Adam, which brings him back onto my radar. He's an amazing Runner in the correct Meta, and with Whizzard chasing IG out, the meta is shaping up to be a fast one. The faster the meta, the better Adam is.

Basic strategy is what it always has been: be aggressive! You have a universal AI breaker installed from turn 1 in ABR, and a HQ Interface installed with Neutralize All Threats. Use them! Then, when they think they've stabilized, drop Sneakdoor Beta on them and keep smashing.

"Freedom Through Equality" is very strong in this deck. Not only is it a Current which can get rid of annoying Corp currents like ELP or Surveillance Sweep, but it gives you additional MU and hand size with Brain Chip. Oh, and it also brings you closer to winning.

The Turning Wheel is a saving grace for Adam. He needs the R&D multiaccess, he has to run anyway, and it saves us a BUNCH of influence we'd otherwise spend on The Maker's Eye or Medium. It's just an amazing card, and it gives Adam that extra push he needs to clear the lategame.

The one flex slot we have atm is Legwork. It's amazing for when the Corp mulligans. Accessing almost all of HQ on the first turn can be devastating, and thanks to Always Be Running, they can almost never keep you out.

11 Jun 2016 Pinkwarrior

@pang4 The Turning Wheel is great for everyone am loving it in Sunny (who's also had some nice new cards) as it works with Jak Sinclair. I can see Apex: Invasive Predator making use out of it 2 in fact the only runner i see not been able to save some Influence with it is The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge (sadly).