Snoop Synergy

phys137e 23

I went 5-1 with this deck at the NYC regionals, with all victories through scorch. Sol combined with Salem's Hospitality, Snoop, and Targeted Marketing adds a nice bit of control to the mix. If only I was any good at the runner side...

There are a variety of ways to tag and bag in here. Midseasons is a classic, 24/7 w/ Breaking News works too, Breaking News, Shattered Remains, and TGTBT lets you play fun shell games with advanced remotes. Setting up a remote with Explode-a-palooza and Special Offer, and following that with a Midseasons is always entertaining.

Snoop is a key card for this deck, and I'm considering adding a second, probably replacing the Enigma. I like to rez it over R&D in the midgame, because it helps many of the kill strategies. If they show you a hand with any duplicate cards, you can Salem's, 24/7, then single scorch.

Snoop with a counter is super flexible - it's like a super Salem's because you get to see their hand before trashing a card, so it's guaranteed to land. Perfect against Anarchs because you can see how many I've Had Worse they have in hand.

Targeted Marketing is pretty much always a thorn in the runner's side. It also combos great with Salem's Hospitality. Predictive Algorithm is in there just to increase the odds of seeing a cheap current early game, to turn on News Hound.

Anyway, I had a good time with this deck, it was a lot of fun to play. I'm sure it could be improved, but it worked pretty well on the day.

11 Jun 2016 cdwolstenholme

Have you considered Waiver and Surveillance Sweep? Waiver is great for doing the same sort of job as Snoop/Salem's and surveillance sweep can make it much easier to win the snoop counter/waiver trash

11 Jun 2016 phys137e

@cdwolstenholme I'm definitely considering Surveillance Sweep as a replacement for the 1x Predictive Algorithm. The only thing I don't like about it is the 2 credit cost. This deck is a little light on economy, and sol shenanigans are much easier when all the currents are free.

I'm not a huge fan of Waiver in the current meta. Realistically. the sub will only fire once and D4v1d is just everywhere with all the anarchs around. The on encounter effect of Snoop is a huge advantage IMO.

12 Jun 2016 Eji1700

No data raven?

12 Jun 2016 phys137e

@Eji1700 I think it is too expensive for something that doesn't punish facechecking, and also is completely blank after a successful midseasons.

12 Jun 2016 Eji1700

Good point. I've been giving the deck a few casual jnet runs (-1 Targeted + 1 snoop since I suck).

Got stomped by Apex who felt insanely hard (basically just dig for the shattered and hope after he got heartbeat out), but all the other matchups have been pretty one-sided (almost all the kills being 24/7 into double scorch though).

Also two questions:

  1. Do you even bluff this as a normal NBN or just let them know it's a kill deck by naming stuff like plascrete off the targeted marketing? So far i'm generally going after econ instead, but I feel like that wouldn't work as well in a real game (where they likely know what you're running).

  2. When do you find yourself using closed accounts/All seeing I? I'm bad at kill decks in general so I feel like i've only used them when I get surplus agenda's to use for 24/7.

12 Jun 2016 phys137e

Glad you are having fun with it! I like to disguise the kill as long as I possibly can, so I'd be pretty unlikely to name plascrete right off the bat. Against an Anarch I might say wyldside or faust, against crim maybe siphon, and against shaper maybe sure gamble or SMC.

Closed accounts and all seeing I are there for two occasions: after a successful midseasons, if I don't have the kill pieces in hand, or sometimes I will just install an unadvanced breaking news at the end of a turn. Next turn is advance, advance, tag punish.

The Snoop Salem for I've had worse combo against anarch won me a couple games in the regional, I would recommend trying that tactic as well.

15 Jun 2016 Lancelot1983

I want to test the Deck but i play 2x Target marketing and 2x Manhunt. Mfg. Lancelot