AGENDORS GET!! [4th Place Stockholm Regionals]

mcbeast 1012

Oh wow! Another Exchange of Information build! Yes, yes it is.

This deck carried me to 4th place on the Stockholm Regionals in Sweden. Only "loss" was my last game in losers bracket; 6-6 in points but I lost due to lower seed (R&D lock and no agendas to be found anywhere for either me or the Runner, with Fast Track as last card). As Runner I piloted Timmy Wong's Credit Clicker 3000, which I didn't pilot as well as I should (mistakes and some tough match-ups).

Inspired by Calimsha's deck for using Exchange of Information, and the ice set-up from Timmy Wong's Info Refinery, this deck is really annoying to play against.

I chose three Archived Memories instead of using Blue Level Clearance as I almost always have access to discarded cards in archives for punishing agenda-steals, getting some more money or just taxing the Runner trashing San San City Grids and Jacksons.

Psychographics could be replaced for either one more CVS, a single News Team, an SEA Source or something other taxing annoying card, as double AstroScript's with a token each is enough to score out Global Food Initiative in one turn.

Love, hate, copy and improve, and have fun making your friends hate you!

12 Jun 2016 RavnR

And no kitties in sight...

12 Jun 2016 mcbeast

Cats have been nerfed in Sweden, although Nashibushi still is in our hearts.

13 Jun 2016 dante77

Nice one.