Iain Gallagher's Jesminder

neoreadinggrid 267

Made top 8 at the 121-person UK Games Expo regional 2016.

13 Jun 2016 Myriad

Nice work!

How would you feel about dropping HQ interface in favor of TTW? Means you can cram in another Clone Chip.

Also how vital is the second Levy?

14 Jun 2016 Saan

@Myriad I'm only seeing one Levy.

14 Jun 2016 Wannabe_PhD

@Myriad If you can get the turning wheel out before you siphon then there's some pretty good synergy there.

I'm wondering about dropping the sacrificial construct and running a single hunting grounds so you don't have to spend your tag avoidance on data raven, or can just saunter through a komainu.

18 Jun 2016 Seriousigg

This deck went 4-3 in the Swiss and lost in the top 8. I was expecting/hoping for more Sync and kill but it also did well against Palana glacier. Just not so good against IG and asset spam. It was certainly carried by my corp deck which went 7-0 in Swiss but I'm glad it was deemed interesting enough to talk about on the podcast!

Corp deck: netrunnerdb.com