The Bioroid Buffet

eadipus 405

Elements of food coats (the tax!), combined with the braintaping warehouses make a food coating warehouse full of bioroids. Where do you go to get coated in difernet types of food? A buffet!

Unlike a food coats deck I've removed the Breaker Bay Grid s in favour of Mumba Temple as with Brain-Taping Warehouse you end up installing a lot of un-ICEable remotes, the PAD Campaign is in for the same reasons.

Strongbox is an attempt to leverage the fact that smart players run last click against this deck to mitigate the Brain-Taping Warehouse.

The ICE mix is very weak to Atman as there is a lot of 4 and 5 strength ICE. Markus 1.0 is an option which would buy 2 influence in place of Eli 1.0 and a Janus 1.0 could fit in in place of a Vikram 1.0.

Snatch and Grab is in because Political Operative is a huge threat to both your scoring remote and ability to dump unwanted agendas with Jackson. If there's no PolOp Kati, ProCo, Aesop's and many other good connections exist.

15 Jun 2016 presheaf

Regarding PolOp - am I wrong, or does it not counter Strongbox? As in, if the Runner is running your remote, you rez Strongbox and they immediately PolOp it - they still have to pay a click to steal, right?

15 Jun 2016 eadipus

yep, similar to Red Herrings. Exception would be if you rez'd it early to stop it being driven by and they PolOp'd it before they started the run.