Geistless Hunger 3.2

aech 36

Not your regular Geist. Your rig is pretty much unstoppable if you can set up in time. Struggles against Near Earth Hub but loves a good HB match up. You want to corp to rez ICE so you can get paid. Endless Hunger will consume your rig in the late game.

16 Jun 2016 RubbishyUsername

GEIST. G-E-I-S-T. Not "giest" :P

Otherwise, it's a really cool looking list. I especially like the interaction between Grappling Hook and Endless Hunger/e3.

I am wondering what your main trash targets are for EH though. Harbinger obviously, but hitting Spy Cameras and icebreakers seems counterproductive when you could be drawing with them.

17 Jun 2016 aech

Hahaha, I'm an idiot. Guess thats staying.

Almost everything can be used for food, I'm pretty vicious when it comes to dismantling my rig with Endless Hunger. Fall guys, empty tech traders, second E3, second Reflection, everything really. The Two Harbingers + Hunting Grounds is enough to keep your rig intact until late game where you will trash everything you have left on the board to try to close out the game.