Edge of the world as we know it

Lttlefoot 1077

This is a never advance deck that aims to flatline the runner with brain damage. A face down card in a server could be an agenda, which are all scorable without advancements except for the first medical breakthrough, but it could be Marcus Batty who can give out brain damage if there is a bioroid ice in that server, or it could even be edge of world.

18 Jun 2016 pang4

I think this deck could benefit immensely from slotting a couple of Clone Retirement, maybe cutting a Merger and something else for two copies. It's great for getting rid of Runner Currents and scoring you the 7th point.

18 Jun 2016 Lttlefoot

You can get the 7th point with clones are not people. Clone retirement is a decent card but Clot can be a problem, and the bad pub isn't great either.

18 Jun 2016 pang4

Still probably worth it, for a few reasons:

-CanP can never be your 7th point, if you've scored six.

-It can be taken out by runner currents or them stealing an agenda.

-You only run one. Having multiple outs is always better.

Also, you'll be lowering your Merger density, which is not nothing. It's a bit of a liability, after all.

18 Jun 2016 RubbishyUsername

Also doesn't intefere with Defective Brainchips

19 Jun 2016 aermet69

Nice. There's a Food deck I like.