US Nationals 3rd Place - Noteworking

Qualistarian 92

This was the deck that allowed me to see lots of beautiful cards at Origins, and then note them.

Replacing Plascrete Carapace with Sports Hopper, and the 3rd Special Order with a single Networking was a last minute decision on the drive down at about 6 AM. One of these turned out not to be a mistake, as the Networking turned out to be my runaway MVP during Swiss. It was meant to be SYNC tech (who I never played against), but it ended up saving me gobs of money in 2 different Argus matches, including one where between Siphons and agenda grabs, I ended up going to 8 tags before shedding them down to 0 over two turns while my opponent moneyed back up. It saved me from a Snare tag, and saved me $2 on loads of Siphons all day. And when you're done, it's one more piece of Faust food.

Meanwhile, one of my 2 losses in Swiss, and my loss to Josh Wilson in the loser's bracket finals, were to Midseasons Murder, so...oops on the Sports Hopper.

Future changes will be -1 Sports Hopper, -1 Rebirth (yes, really), -1 Turning Wheel, +1 R&D Interface, +1 Plascrete, and either another Plascrete, Bank Job, or a 3rd Legwork.

Rebirth is too unpredictable to matter in most games. I played 1 game where I swapped to Leela early enough for it to really matter. The rest of the game, the board state is such that her ability is nice, but rarely clutch. About 70% of my Turning Wheel uses were against R&D, so having one is nice, especially to get an extra access off of Legwork, but most of the time I'd rather just have the extra R&D access.

Eric "Noted" Steiger

19 Jun 2016 cwoac

You sound like you only rebirth into leela; surely later game Iain or Gabe are better bets (depending on which trigger seems more likely).

19 Jun 2016 Qualistarian

They are, and I do, but it was never an issue at Nationals. I was never down by enough to want Iain, and didn't see it any time I'd want Gabe instead of Leela. But I keep all the IDs (even Nero) except Geist in my sleeve.

21 Jun 2016 moistloaf

networking is a fine choice in the meta right now. glad to see it did some work for you

26 Jul 2016 Cmeyn

Now that Faust is on the MWL how would you adjust the influence?

26 Jul 2016 Qualistarian

From this list, it would be to swap out Rebirth for one of the cards I listed above - Bank Job, Legwork, or Plascrete. From my current list (based on the changes I talked about), it would probably be to turn the RDI back into a Turning Wheel.