Hayley Spy Camera Bazaar Nonsense.

mo0man 352

So this right here was the TOTAL FUCKING NONSENSE that went 3-1 at the June 19th 401 games GNK. It can be found on stream here, final round, starting at around 3:55:00 https://www.twitch.tv/401games/v/73348945

It is a very shaper deck. It, like many other shaper decks, wins on inevitability, but will often die off. R&D lock, remote lock if you can, it feels very similar to the popular Giest deck, but is a bit slower to run up, and more oppressive once it IS up.

So the plan, if it isn't obvious, is to Replicator Bazaar out the Spy Cameras (and all other hardware, but the Spy Cameras tend to be the make or break on the econ)

IF I have a tech trader or a technical writer out, it ends up being a pretty ridiculous amount of money. If not, well, I guess you need to delay as much as possible, Occasionally, you'll be forced to do it, because you have 4 spy cameras in hand but none of either of the two, but it happens. Anyway, use hayley nonsense to built up relatively quickly, hopefully, then switch out to Kit a bit later on since your only sentry breaker is Pancha/Shooter/Deus X/Atman, which may end up with you being taxed out on Clone Chips (which are relatively rare) instead of cash (which hopefully you have infinite of late in the game)

So a couple of interesting things with the replibazaar combo: After the levy, if you have a spy camera in your hand, you instantly have 18 credits. If you have a clone chip, you instantly have almost all the Sharpshooters/Deus X you'll need until the next levy. I'm not sure if there's another, higher impact card I can put in to take advantage of this, but there's probably something that I'm not thinking of.

The other thing is that the plan is to run as rarely as possible, only when necessary, because the worry is running out of clone chips/sharpshooters for sentries, but strangely, I often found myself making extra runs, just so I could pop the clone chips to gain more value because I levied out

7 Jul 2016 TheBigBoy

Congratulations. The Stimhack Illuminati deck-building crew has turned your deck into a monster. It's really good! Nice Job!

7 Jul 2016 gozik

Cool deck.

8 Jul 2016 mcbeast

With some tweaking that @TheBigBoy mentioned, this deck is the most Shaper/Hayley deck ever. DO EVERYTHING!!

8 Jul 2016 mo0man

Highlight link to the game during the GNK