Biotics FA (1st place in no regionals, but working on it)

MrHuds0n 1170

wtf That's what I'd imagine is the reaction of people who saw a Custom Biotics in competitive Jinteki (oh, the irony with this ID!).

Actually the idea for this deck comes from a rather old (relatively speaking) deck idea called Xanatos Gambit which, in essence, wanted to get the effect of Mandatory Upgrades via some shenanigans. This is a deck concept that stems from a similar idea, after I saw Peekay's Aryabhata Lock in action at Brno Regionals and the power of Exchange of Information.

So, if it's not immediately obvious - we are first trying to score a small agenda using Biotic or just plain old never advance (I used to have Domestic Sleepers for that, but let's be real, they are rubbish), then bait the runner into stealing a Mandatory Upgrades, after which we drop a Tagstorm and steal it with Exchange of Information. When we have four clicks, we FA everything that's humanly possible.

The biggest problem right now is the sheer number of stuff that counters this deck effectively. Currently, the worst things that can happen to this deck are Medium digs, Clot and Film Critic. Also a good economy Shaper can stop this deck dead in its tracks because of the lack of powerful burst economy of Haarp or asset econ of EtF.

Cards to consider:
* Cyberdex Virus Suite - Removal of Clot and other annoying viruses. Also counters Medium digs
* SEA Source - an alternative method of landing a tag if the opponent is hiding behind a Film Critic. Currently hard to implement because of pretty tight influence.

But hey, it worked a few times. And then it's satisfying as hell.

20 Jun 2016 daytodave

I would consider Gila Hands Arcology as your 3/1. Not being EtF, you need money bad.

Also, you're spending 14 influence to land Exchange of Information. Why not just spend 9 on 3x Media Blitz?

Finally, you give up a huge amount of $ potential by not being EtF, yet you've spent 4 of the 7 extra influence on money. You might swap the Midseasons for SEA Sources and switch to EtF.