Mumbad Congestion Charge v1.1

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Aogu 38

The idea is pretty simple, build a scoring server with Mumbad city grid. It should have 2-3 pieces of cheap ice and then one of: Komainu/Toolbooth/Quicksand, whichever one will be the biggest pain to them. As they attack come in just roll the taxing ice all the way down the server!

-Tenma Line if you need to roll the ice back up

-Assets for baiting out taxing runs into the scoring server.

-Dont Worry too much about ShiKyu, GFI does the lifting for you.

22 Jun 2016 RubbishyUsername

You prrrooooobably still want 3 Jacksons. Let's you draw through R&D lock.

22 Jun 2016 Aogu

@RubbishyUsernameYes, it been like that in some variants, but I've usually found its just not an issue thanks to people be scared and confused!

Heritage Committee is also a part solution to this.

But you are right, its very possible to drop a Tollbooth etc.