Tag You're It (alpha)

killj0y 59

I'm still a bit new to the game so I'm playing with concepts. I wanted to avoid the NBN fast advance almost entirely and instead play with some of the newer tagging responsive items. The real trick in this deck is the 15 minutes/exchange of information combo. Not quite as cool as a corp turntable but it should make agenda loss an almost non-issue especially since almost all of the agendas have some pretty bad effects when accessed anyway.

I'm still not really comfortable with spending influence outside of factions I don't know so I tend not to spend any until I find something else I need.

Suggestions for influence spending much appreciated.

21 Jun 2016 znsolomon

A nice starter deck! If you're interested, I have a few suggestions.

You have a lot of singleton agendas for not much benefit. I would suggest either ditching the grids for a Old Hollywood Grid or adding more QPT, Breaking News and TGTBTs in exchange for some other agendas

Also, if you're looking for places to spend influence, why not the weyland kill package (3x Scorched Earth, 3x Traffic Accident). A nice way to punish runners who just take the tags and deal with the consequences.

22 Jun 2016 killj0y

@GoomBard The reason for the lack of kill package is the extend of damage reduction around. People know to expect the kill from tagging which is why tagme has become more prominent.

Old Hollywood would be cool if I keep the single agendas but honestly I don't care if my agendas get stolen, I can just yank them back with exchange of information.

Dropping puppet master for more QPM, Might even drop the Breaking news for another just because I don't like the losing tags aspect.