Sysops of the Round Table

XoXoX 71


This Jinteki deck is all about provoking the Runner to make runs and then decimating them by using sysops The Twins and Midori who exploit the abilities of Grail ice and the Komainu. If you like outsmarting the Runner, this deck is perfect for you. While not exactly for begginers, deck is really fun once you learn how to use it.

Corp identity:

Making the Runner's life a living nightmare costs money and that's why Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth is the best choice for this deck. We are basically going to get a credit every turn, and because of that simple, generic ability, the Runner will have no idea what is our strategy.

Agendas and scoring:

On first glance, this appears to be a Fast Advance deck. There is not much interesting in terms of agendas except a good number of easy to score 2 pointers as well as 2 Political Dealings. When secured along with central servers with cheap "end the run" ice, Political Dealings can be a useful Fast Advance tool. While this deck can certainly win by scoring out, the Runner will likely want to stop this by making runs, and when that happens the Corp will catch the Runner by suprise and place him in great peril, which will be explained later on. We are not terribly worried if the Runner happens to steal Medical Breakthrough since the next one will be much easier to score. And Philotic Entanglement is an easy to score 2 pointer which punishes the Runner. Nisei MK IIs are also included because they can be secured and scored with relative ease in the early game in order to provide protection later on.

Ice and Upgrades:

Ice and upgrades (namely sysops The Twins and Midori) are very interconnected in this deck. This deck runs a great number of Grail ice and 3 Komainus, all of which gain subroutines every time the runner encounters them, for 2 The Twins can be used to force them to encounter them again with them gaining additional subroutines . Twice encountered Komainu can easilly flatline the Runner, while twice encountered Grail ice can flatline them, destroy their Rig or stop them in their tracks.

Midori is a nasty card in this deck. She can be installed alone behind a piece of ice to make the Runner think it's an agenda or Political Dealings or she can be used to protect those cards, and then immediatelly rezzed for 0 when Runner makes a run. Then she can swap that ice for another ice that Runner does not have programs to break. Because the Runner cannot jackout when encountering the first piece of ice he is forced to suffer the effects of those Grail ice or Komainu subroutines mentioned earlier. Midori also works great with The Twins whether they are installed in the same server or different servers. If they are in the same servers Midori catch the Runner by suprise with a nasty piece of ice, while the Twins can then finish him off. Or if they are installed on the different servers Midori can return ice to the HQ that will be used as ammunition for The Twins later on. Because they are cheap to rez, both The Twins and Midori can also be used for bluffing or intimidating the Runner.

Rest of the ice are primarily cheap "end the run" ice like Himitsu-Bako and Quandary which are used to secure centrals and remotes in the early game. Galahad, Rototurret and Enigma also serve that purpose, while they can also be a dangerous ice to facecheck or to be used with Midori. Excalibur works great on R&D, and when using Midori to shut the Runner down. 3 Caprice Niseis are also in included in this deck to provide better protection and tax the Runner.

Operations and Assets:

Operations and assets in this deck are primarily concerned with two things: the economy and a draw engine. Recruiting Trip is used to quickly search out both Midori and The Twins. Interns is another great card that can be used to reccur sysops (or Caprice Nisei), install a piece of ice that sysops can use or install Political Dealings or our lord and savior Jackson Howard.

22 Jun 2016 XoXoX

Oh my God XoXoX you are sooo amazing! This is the best Netrunner deck I've seen in thirty years! You are pure awesomness, a gentelman and a scholar.

22 Jun 2016 XoXoX

You are right! I haven't seen such an amazing deck since 1964!