Modern Brometheus 3.0

CodeMarvelous 19735

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So yeah do Adam things and thank god Turning Wheel exists to reward you for your forced run. Employee strike and special order are must haves as is E3.

So one of the things that is holding Adam back is influence needed for both multiaccess and also breakers.

Turning wheel solves one of those problems and as such the breaker suite is improved in this list.

Sports Hopper helps in emergency situations and acts an accelerant.

The econ is designed to be able to be put down easily so you keep getting Safety First triggers.

The deck works well its just ridiculous how much harder you have to play in certain matchups.

IG is basically a hellraiser match up.

22 Jun 2016 ClubbingSealCub

Have you tried Freedom through Equality? I've been running 2x in a similar list (-1 Lovegood, -1 Independent Thinking). It doesn't always do work, but when it does, it's game-winning work.

22 Jun 2016 CodeMarvelous

@ClubbingSealCubthats and Idea it could help close games faster which is his biggest problem.

22 Jun 2016 just_rob

I love Adam, Why have you included levy in this deck? Just for a refresh on Economy?

23 Jun 2016 CodeMarvelous

@just_rob Primarily yes. It also gives me more resilience to damage cards that I can't avoid hitting early because I am Adam.

23 Jun 2016 kollapse

Maybe not as relevant as in decks leaning more heavily on Levy, but wouldn't a single Same Old Thing be of use here (in case said damage takes out both a breaker and the Levy, say)?

23 Jun 2016 juliandark

1x levy with no SoT is a recipe for disaster, if it's mainly to protect vs early game damage that can knock cards out of hand.

23 Jun 2016 CodeMarvelous

In modern list the levy is gone. replaced with SMC

23 Jun 2016 ClubbingSealCub

Do you use the SMC to fetch Multithreaders? Because I think a third Special Order would be a better idea, + it opens up 1 influence somewhere.

23 Jun 2016 CodeMarvelous

Thats a Thought.

25 Jun 2016 robotmascot

My meta (thankfully) lacks any real IG/HAARP, so I've done -1 Levy AR Lab Access, -1 E3 Feedback Implants, -1 Employee Strike, +1 Freedom through Equality +1 Self-Modifying Code +1 Keyhole (As most games I lose have been against SYNC, where losing my only R&D multiaccess when tagged hurts)

2 Jul 2016 codychilton13

@CodeMarvelousI had a very similar list to yours but I ran freedom through equality and notoriety so my brain chips would get much larger, tie that up with memstrips and sage and there's 2 of 3 breakers along side e3 and always be running

6 Jul 2016 WayneMcPain

I like this list a lot. The thing about Special Order vs SMC is that Adam is usually really click starved, so that little bit of click compression from SMC goes a long way. If you are dropping the Levy, I'd say go with 2x SMC and then spend an influence on a Stimhack or something. Plus you can use Multithreader creds to pay for SMC.

7 Jul 2016 urbanfractal

@CodeMarvelous how about some Adamadness? Would you entertain the idea of loosing Dr. Lovegood entirely?

2 Oct 2016 Hathed

With the release of 23 seconds and blood money what changes would you make to include maybe temujin or some other thing like paperclip. I want to play adam in the next smll tournament and im a bit lost :p

17 May 2017 CactusJack

@CodeMarvelousAlmost a year later, and still good.