Snake Eyes 4587


This deck is Jank. It is dumb. It is just meant to be fun to mess around with. I'm publishing it because somebody requested me to on Jinteki.net.

image PlazaThe Wotan(g) Clan Ain't Nuttin' to fuk wit

The idea is to set up your scoring server with Awakening Center so your bioroids like Janus 1.0, Heimdall 2.0 and Wotan get a discount of 7, and this discount will stack with Breaker Bay Grid, giving you a net total discount of 12 on your BIG ICE.

The deck is otherwise themed for Bioroidy fun, with Project Wotan being used, and Director Haas' Pet Project. It's more of a Theme deck than anything.

Marcus Batty is included because his ability fires off pretty much whenever, you can wait for somebody to eat brain damage off of the Janus 1.0 sitting on your Awakening Center, then make Marcus Batty end the run off of the Viktor 1.0 or whatever ETR sub sitting at the top of your server.

This deck has beaten Dumblefork out of a competent pilot, so I would rate it a solid 5/7 on the jank-scale.