Brain Damage: Guaranteed (v2)

kevnburg 324

Cybernetics Division Never Advance with a heavy dosage of Jinteki & Bioroids.

I've been testing/tweaking this deck regularly on, and I'm not quite ready to call it complete. Compared to "version 1" of this deck: I swapped out my original kill strategy of Chairman Hiro & Contract Killer for Snare! & Edge of World, I altered the ICE setup in response to new releases (thank you, Ravana 1.0), and I swapped out Tech Startups + upgrades for more economy.

The ICE suite is tailored around maximizing brain damage subroutines, albeit a bit code-gate heavy right now. Other ICE options are Fenris, Ichi 1.0, & Markus 1.0. I used to run a Janis 1.0, but my economy was never strong enough to justify. There's a temptation to add in cheaper ICE like NEXT, but having a good number of Bioroids is essential to keep Ravana 1.0 useful.What I desperately want to make this deck better: Bioroids cheaper than 3 that aren't Zed 1.0.

The Damage Plan: Quickly get the runner down to 2 hand-size and then sit pretty until the game ending Snare! Rez a Heimdall 2.0 to make your Ravana's devastating. Use Marcus Batty to land additional brain damage.

The Economic Plan: Economy is asset focused to force runs. You want the runner to run into brain damage, and the high asset-density allows fun shell-game play with 2-4 1-iced remotes. Play around with different amounts of Adonis/AAL/Brain-Taping/Melange. Consider Lateral Growth if you get a lot of your assets trashed. Consider Eliza's Toybox to better fight DDOS, Snitch, & Blackmail.

The Scoring Plan: 1-Ice remote shell games or a bigger server depending on the opponent and your card draw. The Jeeves Model Bioroids is there to help you get the occasional Vitruvius token while still playing never advance (it also helps Melange & Alix). No shell game? 2 Stacked bioroids & Batty provide scoring windows.

Other cards worth considering: Disposable HQ as an Eli 1.0 replacement. Lakshimi Smart Fabrics to synergize with the 3x agenda copies.

Other failed experiments since "version 1" of this deck: Big bioroid Awakening Center, more Enforcer 1.0 + Domestic Sleepers, a singleton Shipment from SanSan + Lateral Growths + Jeeves Model Bioroids, and the seemingly obvious but personally disdained Cerebral Overwriter (Never Advance all the way).

6 Nov 2016 Critical Brian

Thanks for sharing this. I've just won Cybernetics Division in a charity auction, meaning I have a tournament in 2 weeks with a brand new ID! I tried this the other night and really liked it - I was just wondering if you've carried on playing it and if so, what (if any) changes you've made to it recently?

7 Nov 2016 kevnburg

Hey Critical. I recently started testing it again with Wetwork Refits for extra brain damage subroutines. Wetwork helps out with Ravana 1.0 when its the only piece of ICE you have rezzed. I also haven't liked the trace on Viktor 2.0 that much, so I'm experimenting with using Fairchild 2.0 instead.

9 Nov 2016 Critical Brian

Wetworks has gone into my provisional deck already, so I'm glad we're on the same page! The ice change looks good too. I'm just finding the economy hard to get going, I think Lateral Growth looks like my next tweak just like you suggest above. Thanks for sharing!