Brian's better world - 4th place Brussels regionals

Slowriffs 720

The original list was made by @ryanbantwins, I changed a few cards to my liking.

The plan goes as follows:

  • Get money
  • Start scoring
  • If they steal midseason them, you have 4 tutor cards in the deck so you are very likely to be able to do this consistently.
  • Blow up their entire city. Again with 3 consulting visits, localized product line and 2 traffic accident you will find all the kill cards you could ever need.

Consultancy visit is super powerful and makes this deck surprisingly consistent.

With localized product line you can make sure you have 3 scorches so Plascrete (or hopper) just isn't enough. A one off of snatch and grab is usually enough to deal with film critic (again, you can tutor this).

The ICE suite doesn't matter too much, it's just the usual gear checks and some painful facecheck sentries.