The Ramsay Bolton Project - "Our Blades Are Sharp"

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A naked man has few secrets; a flayed man, none.

 This is a somewhat competitive Custom Biotics deck that is currently a work in progress. Yes, Custom Biotics. That identity with absolutely no purpose whatsoever that has been sitting in everyones binders for ages. I needed to post this now before @mediohxcore can steal all the credit from me :P A long time ago I was trying to get #Psychographics to work with CB, trying to live the dream with Project Ares. Well enter the age of Museum of History. The Mumbad City Hall package is so extremely good that it can win games here and there in Stimhack League and competitive games out of Custom Biotics. It not only does that, it wins in style. It doesn't win every game but when it does it is with style.

The purpose of this deck is to slowly flay the skin off of your opponent using your Private Security Forces that you hire with Pyschographics. Hence the name "The Ramsay Bolton Project". We also have a few projects in the deck for good measure. Thanks to @grogboxer for the great deck name!. A slow death is a good death, right?

Some memorable moments with this deck: 1. Pinging people to death with private security force. Yes even through multiple plascrete :D. 2. Getting to 270+ credits. 3. Scoring a Project Ares and wiping your opponents board, just to ping them to death with Private Security Force later. 4. Using snatch and grab repeatedly to demolish connections. 5. Playing diversified portfolio twice per turn using suffrage and archived memories. Why not.

Card Choices: 3 Museum of History, 3 Mumba Temple, 3 Mumbad City Hall, 3 Tech Startup


This "museum" package is what is "destroying" the meta with Hot Tub Time Machine and Industrial Genomics. This is what makes the deck work sometimes. :D This engine gives you $, asset tutors, recursion, and operation tutors. Its really only lacking in the ice tutor department. Sadly heritage is illegal in this deck :(. No, not sure if I enjoy the museum package being a part of the game but this deck at least does it in a somewhat fair manner. You can and will lose games with this deck. But that sweet taste of victory makes it worth it I promise!

2x Clone Suffrage Movement


These are amazing and let you keep recurring your events over and over. Usually this is diversified portfolio to get way ahead and land a midseasons, but sometimes it is psychographics to close the game or snatch and grab to get rid of film critics/procos/etc.

3x Encryption Protocol, 1x Enhanced Login Protocol

These protect your assets and let you do cool things. ELP has all sorts of uses. It is especially good at letting you race the wine andy or decks with security testing. Being able to diversified + pad drip and then do whatever while your opponent just takes a measly 9-12 credits is great.

1x Cyberdex Virus Suite is in here because clot can sometimes ruin your day

1x Midseasons 1x Psychographics 1x Consulting Visit 1x Jeeves This is your win condition mostly, the consulting visit means you have your win condition on demand and suffrage/museum means you have the tools when you need them. Sometimes you get value from Jeeves but often it just helps end the game faster with Private Security Force. Pinging four times a turn is a pretty awesome feeling.

The ice... well the ice is the weak link in this deck. We are currently trying all sorts of stuff. Sadly the deck is lacking the ice options that IG and Gagarin had. However we went with tour guide over hive because of the ability to rez it early without getting too far behind, and because it can get out of hand. The other ice is fairly flexible. We have tried a lot of stuff from Wotan to 3 Turing and our latest edition has next. Ice is important and I think that is what is currently holding the deck back the most.

Playing the deck: Mostly you play it like other museum decks. Except for early access hurts you more than most, your economy is much weaker than other decks because of no turtlebacks, your lacking the raw card quality and the cycling of agendas because of lack of heritage, your also lacking the deterrence of net damage from IG and the scorch kill from weyland. If you can get past all of these silly little things that don't matter the deck is actually workable. Although the whizzard matchup feels really bad :P.

Okay so lets say you get your engine you can do really cool things. Jeeves is also helpful. Once you have midseasons setting up install advance advance vitruvius or psf is nice. If they run and steal midseasons if not you just score it(be sure to over advance vitr for quality netrunnering)

Well now its out there i hope you all take this deck and hone it to something even better than it is now. Keep your blades sharp!

Props to @jakodrako for the initial deck idea. Thanks to the portland crew for helping me work on this. @Ossa etc etc. This deck has produced some of the most fun Netrunner I have had in a long time so I especially enjoy it for that reason. I can't speak for how exciting the deck is for my opponents(apologize to those in the competitive room on jnet last three days) as to be honest once the deck locks up it looks kind of silly recurring diversified but I enjoy it.

Enjoy and keep those blades sharp ;).

Some cool board states: exampleexample2

29 Jun 2016 DockEllis


29 Jun 2016 moistloaf

seems fair. ReasonableRunnerTM

29 Jun 2016 easternheretic

Levy University is an ICE tutor. Cards is from Creation & Control.

29 Jun 2016 LeaPlath

I love this deck as a concept but so far I've found a few issues. The main one being is Whizzard and decks packing asset hate run over you really hard.

The second being that, once you have the loop you are golden credit wise, but getting there can feel tough. Do you think Launch Campaign over PAD would work? You only need that early boost so your temples can drip feed.

29 Jun 2016 bluebird503

Sure something other than pad might work, early econ is sometimes rough. I know that @jakodrako is actually using campaigns in his version in order to make $ and that might work here. Mumba Temple can act sort of like broken bay grid. Whizzard is just going to be a problem in general but its not actually completely unwinnable, its just really hard. Other asset hate hasn;t really been a problem too much although apoc is generally gg.

29 Jun 2016 x3r0h0ur

encryption protocol makes product recall extra spicy, and you mch it. MVT and PR seems like a good combo with this setup.

29 Jun 2016 bluebird503

@x3r0h0ur. I really like Mumbad Virtual Tour, and that small combo was considered for the deck.. but the combo does require you to have your board presence(musuems and city halls). At that point usually diversified is making more anyways.

1 Jul 2016 mattastrophic

I think this deck could really use a Cybernetics Court.

6 Jul 2016 Robotron5673

I played this deck last night on Jinteki. My opponent eventually said "F**k this deck" and then rage quit.

8 Jul 2016 Boogie

Might as well play ibrahim's hospitality! Every turn!