I-USE (Neutrals)

LeonardQuirm 969

Some of you may remember a deck that did the rounds back in the days of Lunar Cycle. "49 Shades of Grey" it was called, based on being comprised entirely of neutral cards and legal for any corp ID.

Here's an updated version in light of an important new release. Unfortunately that new card isn't neutral, so the name of the deck's had to go, but on the bright side that justifies me putting Jackson Howard back in.

However, we're still legal with every ID! Shuffle your IDs at the start of the game, pick one at random and play with that. Some are obviously better than others, but just consider it a nice bonus that you've preempted their Employee Strike when you draw Nisei Division: The Next Generation.

The new card demanding the re-invention is, of course, Indian Union Stock Exchange. Turns out a (non-unique!) card that gives you a credit whenever you rez or play an out-of-faction card - including all neutrals - is really good when your entire deck is made of neutrals!

(Subliminal Messaging gets particular mention here as able to generate you 2, 3, even 4 creds every turn when the runner doesn't run).

Unfortunately, while there are some really strong Neutral agenda now, we're still lacking in any really good Neutral ICE or defensive upgrades. This is where PAD Factory and Will-o'-the-Wisp come in. Install Will-o'-the-Wisp in your scoring server, stick some counters on it with PAD Factory, then send the runner's breaker to the bottom of the stack when they run it. Scoring window ahoy!

I've been doing not all too badly with it - not great, by any means, but not as badly as you'd think for "I shuffle all the Corp IDs and pick one at random at the start of the game". Also, if you get Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined (for which I only have one copy in the stack I'm shuffling) you're allowed to swap for the one of your choice; that's part of the game, not the deck-building.

Anyway, have fun with this!

29 Jun 2016 0j3t3c4l0r

Cool Idea bro XD

29 Jun 2016 The Broken Meeple

As much as you can use any ID, probably best for a Jinteki one, maybe Biotech (the flip one) - that way the Runner is always unsure about running any of your assets or hidden agenda's for fear of traps - at least until he figures out what your deck is all about!

Alternatively New Earth Hub for the card draw or ETF for the credits.

A fun idea though - however can you advance Will O The Wisp with PAD Factory? It says advancement token but you can't advance the upgrade normally?

29 Jun 2016 LeonardQuirm

@The Broken Meeple - PAD Factory simply puts an advancement counter on a card. There are no restrictions on that card, such as "is able to be advanced". You can put the counters on your assets, upgrades, ICE, on your opponent's console, whatever you like.

Obviously some IDs are better than others and I did have a good game as Biotech (I chose the Greenhouse and got a useful never-advance for a Corporate Sales Team out of it) but if you're playing any given ID, you can probably create a better deck for it than this one :P The whole purpose is to select randomly.

Whether you do it openly in front of your opponent or secretly and take advantage of their thinking you're playing a 'normal' deck is up to you...