Who is g00ru?

LeonardQuirm 968

Who is g00ru?

g00ru could be anyone.

g00ru could change before your very eyes, casting off the facade they were using and becoming someone else.

Yes, this is another neutral deck from me, legal with any ID - but this time for runners! And runners have the awesome bonus of Rebirth, allowing you to shuffle up your available IDs and pick one at random mid-game as well as right at the start!

It's less successful than the corp deck I've been using, but not completely hopeless. There are a couple of particular notes though:

  • MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock is a problem ID. There's next to no recursion, and very few breakers. You run a fair risk of chucking everything you need straight into your heap. Rebirth as soon as possible!
  • Apex: Invasive Predator is a problem ID. Apex can't play 22 out of the 25 Resources of the deck, apart from face-down...and has no way to use face-down cards. Even worse, Apex can't Rebirth! Fortunately, I haven't played as Apex yet.
  • Adam: Compulsive Hacker's directives are explicitly not part of his deck. Which is good, because if he had to include them, the deck would be illegal for The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge immediately. You'll need to take a copy of each directive with you for when you draw Adam as your runner, but for any other runner they remain in the box.

Overmind is a pretty good breaker, especially if you can boost your memory with Dyson Mem Chip first, but it's expensive. Try to nab some surprise points with it and get your drip economy going ASAP. There are a lot of good neutral runner cards, but they're largely quite expensive! Rebirth is technically optional to actually play, but I generally take the rule of playing it first click I can after it appears in my hand. That's the g00ru way.

29 Jun 2016 Nyhles

You can't rebirth into IDs from another faction actually

29 Jun 2016 Nyhles

Just read the corp description. Now I understand, nevermind.