Babylon Crash

Valranoth 351

Kim nicely disrupts the corp's plan, whether it's Midseasons, Scorch or plain Biotic shennanigans. While plenty of decks are spamming assets, I believe that Kim still provides value.

I normally like Human First instead of Scrubber, but I've been wrecked by Temple/Museum decks too many times. It's a pity, as the flavor is great.

Vigil gives us extra draw, as plain Inject and I've Had Worse still left me without breakers in some games. Symmetrical Visage is a nice bonus to drawing, and doesn't cost as much influence as Professional Contacts.

Clone Chip is there to let you Inject with impunity, and it helps recover against a bad Net-Ready Eyes hit. It also shows its worth when facing Batty wipes, which is nice.

The Turning Wheel helps this go from good to great, making your Kim snipes give additional value. With Vigil incentivizing the Corp to keep a smaller hand size, the extra one or two accesses have greater value.

A one-of Net-Ready Eyes and Ice Carver help with our fixed breakers. Be careful with installing Ice Carver, as it may keep you from using D4v1d on a crucial piece of ice. Be sure to use the Cutlery events to deal with the big defenses, though using it on that annoying NEXT Silver isn't a bad idea either.

I've had some fun with this deck. I hope you do too.

29 Jun 2016 moistloaf

Levy is a mistake here, IMO.

30 Jun 2016 kollapse

Both the Levy and the 2x Clone Chips seems off with no Parasites or other cards that take advantage of them. The Levy and two other cuts could of course be 3x Parasite, making the CCs better.

30 Jun 2016 Valranoth

@moistloaf I've been burning through my deck quickly to get necessary pieces. It lets me play a little more reckless against net damage decks.

@kollapse You've got a good point. There are plenty of times that I miss Parasites. I've been testing a variant that runs them (-1 Levy, -2 Visage, +3 Parasite). It's a little poorer because I lack the Visages, but Parasite is definitely a nice addition.

I want to fit Peddlers somewhere, if only to enable Clot plays against pesky rush decks. Maybe in place of the Inject? It might just be a meta call.

6 Jul 2016 PowerBunz

Do you find Vigil anti-synergistic with Ed Kim's trashing? How often would it end up firing in a game?

11 Jul 2016 Valranoth

Vigil puts the corp in a bad spot. I'm usually only hitting HQ when I have 2 or 4 Wheel counters, so if they don't draw up I can just run HQ and see their whole hand. If they draw up, of course, I get a free draw.

In testing, it usually triggers 4 or 5 times. Nothing too crazy. I can see a case for Turntable, but I'll take any draw I can get that doesn't depend on Wyldcakes.


Taking the advice above, I've made the following changes:

-2 Scrubber, -1 Levy, -2 Symmetrical Visage, -1 Forked, +2 Imp, +3 Parasite, +1 Deja Vu

It's been performing well, but the weakest parts are the Vigil and the Imps/Scrubbers. Not really sure where to go from here.