It'll cost ya!

Umbraldancer 8

This is a deck im tinkering with atm, Im terrible at deck building so here it is. poke away!

I feel its slow and quandry wrecks it. I did have a yog and 2 parasites in at one point.

any help appreciated.

29 Jun 2016 x3r0h0ur

-1 pawn -3 deja +3 knight +1 yog probably solves your woes.

3 deep red is probably good too.

29 Jun 2016 esutter479

You may wanna re-consider that Yog and Parasites for when you run into Turing. I'd have to assume that you will somewhere down the line. :)

6 Jul 2016 tvaru

How about a turning wheel as the final influence point? Multiaccess is always useful?