The Strange Flesh Companion Deck (corp)

Zakalwe 473

This is a deck based on the novel Strange Flesh by Matthew Farrer published by Fantasy Flight Games.

Strange Flesh is a really interesting novel and I can strongly recommend it to any fans of Android Netrunner.

My write up does include a few plot points but I have tried to be careful to avoid spoiling the ending. The novel is structured as a series of flashbacks as Tallie Perrault is interviewed at NAPD headquarters by Detective Caprice Nisei.

WARNING Mild Spoilers Ahead!

Caprice Nisei, a detective for the New Angeles Police Department on special contract from Jinteki corporation has been assigned to resolve a case with the help of a little string pulling from her ultimate superiors.

Caprice interviews Tallie Perrault an Investigative Journalist working for the Opticon Foundation. The story she hears and the thoughts behind them confront her emotions, her sense of identity and challenges her loyalties. She must choose between her bosses, her creators and owners, her sisters and her own moral compass.

As Tallie recounts her own experiences the story of a man who will do anything to put himself and his organisation on top also emerges.

The story begins at Levy University but visits a wide variety of locations such as the Gila Highlands Arcology, Broadcast Square, a Gene Conditioning Shoppe, Blue Sun Stadium, travelling upstalk to Midway Station and arrives at a riotous finale at the Humanity Labour Arcology.

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