Control Theory - 1st@Moscow

gozik 401

Control runner build. I think my victory obligates to rogueness of the deck - the first blackmail is always a surprise, but even if you know what you are facing it is still not that easy to play correctly vs that. Lot of decks does not have a chance to win. Especcially this is true for EoI and meat-kill decks.

So here short description of our gameplan:
0. Do not play the oppening as AlexFrog teached
1. Play magnum opus
2. Draw a lot, click money a lot, don't run much. Play hyperdrivers and use them next turn
3. Play critic, source, fall guy, nach if needed
4. Wait install-advance turn
5. Vamp them with faust or just blackmail with corp scandal into remote if there is no upgrades there
6. Sit back and control the rest of the game

Feedback filter is here to win IG by hitting timelimit at tournament. If you play slow enough it can be 3rd clot, 2nd polop, councilman or whatever else you like.

Deck is pretty fun to play and provides a different approach to the game. Hope you will enjoy it.


3 Jul 2016 RubbishyUsername

What's the Panchatantra for? Is it for turning Curtain Wall into AP to defeat pesky Blue Sun decks?

4 Jul 2016

Wondering how much work 1 PPVP would do here. You have 1 influence left. Drawing it late would suck though :-)

4 Jul 2016 gozik

Panchantra and Deus X can break any ice (except corp troubleshouter shenenigans). Not every game flows according the plan, sometimes you have to break ice. During tournament I broke oversighted orion, curtain wall and archer vs blue sun and heimdal vs HB. During testing it helped me to deal vs turing as well. I feel like 3 slots for breakers and 2 clone chips is tge optimal number for this deck. And inside of this 3 slots I like this breakers suit very much. Still you can try to swap deus and panchatra for inti/mimic or some other combination of usual breakers.

As for ppvp - I don't feel like this deck needs more mone. But if you do, 3rd hyperdriver would probably do better job here.

4 Jul 2016 x3r0h0ur

alt text

4 Jul 2016 LSK

No multiaccess at all?

4 Jul 2016 hsiale

What is your plan against NEH FA who knows what you're up to and decides to use their FA tools and NEH triggering assets to play Never Advance game?

4 Jul 2016 gozik

Yep, I'm fine without mutiaccess. Neh ussually cannot play neveradvance game with source on board. I find jeeves etf match-up the worst.

6 Jul 2016

I really like the deck, it's a lot of fun and definitely a different play style. Just too good to click for 14 credits in one turn. Experience so far, it takes a little bit of time to set up. First turn Oaktown Renovation sucks and so does Salem's Hospitality if the Corp knows your deck.

13 Jul 2016 gozik

-1 influence for new mwl on faust))

23 Jul 2016 1337J4NK5P4MM3R

-1 fall guy -1 The Source +2 Employee Strike maybe? still the most beautiful netrunner deck i discovered so far, Sir. really good job :)

24 Jul 2016 gozik

The source is key card to play around never advance strategy. HB match-up is very tough without it. I don't think it's good idea to drop it.

25 Jul 2016 1337J4NK5P4MM3R

But how can i make room for Faust influence? Or u see any alternative? Also i think many Corp play some currents and/or things like Clone Retirement...

25 Jul 2016 gozik

Right now this decklist is mwl 1.1 legal.

25 Jul 2016 gozik

Clone retirement is hard to score vs source and clot. The rest of bad publucity removals (like ellizabet mills and expose) don't work vs corporate scandal. Currents can be a problem sometimes, but you always can replay your corp scandal with same old thing.

28 Jul 2016 1337J4NK5P4MM3R
  1. Do not play the oppening as AlexFrog teached what does that mean by the way? i am new to this game, sorry :D
28 Jul 2016 1337J4NK5P4MM3R

nvm, i found it i guess;