Tag You're It (round 2)

killj0y 59

This is a non-kill package tag punishment deck.

The one slightly janky combo is the 15 minutes to Exchange of Information to keep your own agendas out of the runner score area. Also lets you pull the breaking news switch that gives 2 permanent tags.

tag early, tag often.

Lily Lockwell is there to tutor for the Exchange of information or for closed accounts and all seeing I when you need them. Fast track to find the 1 15-minutes when you're finally ready to pull the switch.

The ice on this is pretty porous especially to someone like Jasminder. Could probably pull one each of the ice out and put in something like Enigma for a little more stopping power.

Thanks to the guys at the Portland Or, Red Castle Games Learn to play day for helping me tune this concept.

4 Jul 2016 esutter479

Breaking News switch for 2 permanent tags? I wish it were that easy. I'm pretty sure you actually have to advance and score the agenda for the "When you score" effect to take place. That would be like EoI'ing a 15 for an Astro and getting the token...which would be highly overpowered. I'm pretty sure EoI does not allow for text to happen, just to switch for higher points. :)

4 Jul 2016 ANRguybrush

@esutter479 If you score breaking news and put it into the runners score area with exchange of information, the effect "when the turn in which you scored breaking news ends, the runner loses 2 tags" will no longer be resolved because agendas in the runners score area are not active unless stated otherwise(gfi, medical research).