Freedom Through Destruction - 1st Lake Garda Regional

mao 614

Hi everyone! This is the deck i took today at the Regional tournament in Desenzano del Garda. The deck was simply great. I won against Harmony Medtech, New Angeles SOL, i lost with NEH, then i did a ID in the last game of the swiss. In Top 4 i won against New Angeles SOL again (and after the tournament i also defeated the Gagarin with Museum of History of the second player that was undefeated in the day).

It's a classic ApocaMaxX but i dropped 2 Hacktivist Meeting, that i found very unuseful in our meta full of NEH, and i added a second Wanton Destruction and a Freedom Through Equality that made me win 2 games: with Harmony Medtech and in Top with SOL.

I wouldn't drop any single card but i'm thinking to replace Turntable with Vigil. Cheers!

Here my corp deck, undefeated during the day:

3 Jul 2016 Simone Suka

solo perché non c'ero io :)

4 Jul 2016 mao

@Simone Suka ci vediamo alla prossima allora! ;)

4 Jul 2016 The Broken Meeple

So how exactly do you play the deck? Anarch is a style I've not gotten used to yet. If you need 6 credits for a DDOS, Apoc and all the credits for using Eater to break multiple ICE, do you find attacking the Centrals costly? When's the time to launch the Apoc?

4 Jul 2016 mao

Hi @The Broken Meeple! The point is to use the esplosive ability of MaxX to setup faster than the Corp. Using Ddos, Siphons, and making credits with Day Job you can enter even centrals with 2 or 3 ice and play the Apocalypse. But often i didn't need it, you can close the game with Ddos and Wanton+Keyhole, with Freedom Through Equality that if you play it in the right time can give you the victory. Apocalypse is good to be played in the early-middle game, to slow down the Corp and take away some ice from the Corp deck and from the table. More the game goes on more it's difficult to play it, but i managed to win in other ways.