Tiny Garden

Kelfecil 1786

This deck made 1st place in a small 6people Regionals and 2nd place in a 16 people Regionals. Other than that, it has only had 2 losses in the last regionals (in the top cut) and a couple in the past 6-7 tournaments or so. This deck does not play itself, do not expect to pick it up and do as well as you do with NEH and other cr#p. If you don't like the deck, keep it to yourself please, had enough of that s#&@ already. If you have constructive feedback, I'd love to hear it. Last time I heard you guys, I tried out Batty and I went in a totally different direction that really turned out to work very well (considering I didn't like Batty before).

  • The Clairvoyant Monitor might go x2 since I do not see Lotus Field doing anymore "big work" lately. Parasite is "meh" against me since all my ICE is pretty high strength anyway.
  • Upayoga is the star of the game. Batty on remote (or wherever) to fire Upayoga's 2nd subroutine to fire a Chetana wherever on the board. Chetana is only there for that reason, otherwise, if the runner is dry, he gives you money while he gains money. PSI cost tons to break anyway cuz of high strength.
  • Sea Source - Scorch - Scorch is apparently still a thing. People know me all too well now and protect themselves. I did not see that helping them thus far though.
  • Voter Intidimation is very new and yet very effective. Got tons of creds, you don't mind playing an extra psi game to kill that one Kati or w/e else is bothering you at the back.
  • I am thinking about going Archived Memories x2 and Scorch x1 in order to make the upgrade game a little bit more effective. I've had issues (last regionals) where I was at the end of the game with tons of creds but couldn't protect the remote cuz of Councilman + Political Operative.
  • This deck is somewhat immune to Account Siphon if you play it well. I've been Siphoned 3 and 4 times in a game and still won it. If anything, they are wasting the money and the clicks to remove tags so that they don't get burned or lose resources.
  • Neural Katana, I don't really like, but it's the Holy Grail of Batty. He always drinks from that cup, he loves it.
  • x2 Jackson cuz I'm one of the cool kids.
  • Agenda suite allows for fast 1-point score and then just protect x2 3-pointers to close the game. It is simpler than you would think.
  • Traps are still in the deck. Might actually add Chrysalis other than just the new card that allows you to get money back from playing Psi games.

Thanks for reading fellas!

4 Jul 2016 zengoshugoju

Still mucking about in the Spin Cycle so no words of wisdom re deck building, but did want to note I really appreciate your approach to the game. Have enjoyed your articles, keep fighting the good fight.

We have a small but active Netrunner community here in the rainforest of the Sunshine Coast, and it's encouraging how different perspectives still get us all to the table to enjoy the same game.

4 Jul 2016 RubbishyUsername

I always like seeing how the single Nisei Division deck in the world changes with every couple sets. I was especially keen on seeing your opinion on upayoga and chetana. In terms of constructive feedback, I'm thinking about how a singleton An Offer You Can't Refuse would affect the deck, considering the heavy protection you can place on Archives. It allows you to either find the seventh point even if you can't find Clone Retirement, or it sets up a scoring window because they give you a huge amount of tempo between Shock and Crick. It can even be the seventh point, if the runner faces a batty with shocks in archives.

4 Jul 2016 Kelfecil

@zengoshugojuThank you for your nice words and it is always great to see people interested in the different kinda of ways you can approach the game! Should be preparing another article sometime soon to address the current "temples" situation.

@RubbishyUsernameThat is very true. I had a singleton An Offer You Can't Refuse but I ended up removing it because, 1) it's only a late game card, 2) that's extra points in the deck, which even though it's not something that the runner can steal, it just stays in my hand. You are right though, I may have to revisit that card now that reinforcement of servers is so big and Shock!s are piling up on Archives! To be completely honest, you are very right about the Shock!s part, because noone ever runs the Archives after they know I have at least 2 Shock!s.

5 Jul 2016 pug987

I think cobra works pretty well with Batty. If you get their sentry breaker on the psy-game when they encounter they will lose yet another breaker and get 2 damage.

5 Jul 2016 Elodius

why no Mother Goddess to get an hard EtR on Upayoga?

5 Jul 2016 gandrasch

I wanna be as cool as you ;(

5 Jul 2016 Kelfecil

@pug987It could be a better choice compared to Neural Katana because it has x2 subroutines. I'll defo try it out. Only cuz the rez cost is the same though. Otherwise, 3 Net Damage is better than 2 (I can math, yay for me).

@ElodiusThat is a very good point, maybe instead of adding another Clairvoyant Monitor, I could rez a Mother Goddess. And I don't really care what type it is other than Psi (I mean if it's barrier,code gate, sentry).

@gandraschYou can always try, the psi is not the limit my friend. (I also do mentor/mentee sessions if you are interested :) )

5 Jul 2016 Mechanoise

Congrats! Always good to hear you on Teamwork cast, and even better to see Nisei Division getting some love! Are you looking forward to Hyobu Research Facility? Now your Psi games tax the runner ;)

5 Jul 2016 Kelfecil

@MechanoiseGlad you enjoy the commentaries and Nisei's story thus far! I actually just did a few more with Krystian recently so you'll hear more of me :P.

Psi games are already taxing for the runner, what Hyoubu Research Facility will do though is that it will allow for the Corp to gain some more credits per turn now (considering you will play some Psi games) and that also kind of activates cards like "Cerebral Cast" and "Voter Intimidation" even more. Seeing how the Facility works "the first time EACH turn" you will be able to get a good gain and a good effect out unless the runner wants to spend credits to avoid those effects.

6 Jul 2016 benticurus

Thnx for sharing!

6 Jul 2016 benticurus

I know this would be a whole other deck, but have you considered playing Exchange of Information instead of Scorches? I'm loving the few games I've played with your deck, and since economy superiority is achieved frequently, maybe htat could be a play

6 Jul 2016 saracenus

Nice version of you already fun deck.

I will say that it is harder to land the double Scorch with the with 2x Archived Memories and a single Scorch but with Batty in the mix I would say you have plenty of kill options and a little more flex if the game goes long. And, that was the problem with my version of your deck, I didn't have Batty.

I was also running 2x Chetana which you are absolutely right that it can bite you in the ass by giving the Runner lots of credits. Batty + 3x Upayoga with a singleton Chetana + Other nasty ICE is a better play.

I was also playing 1x The All-Seeing I but with Voter Intimidation I think the influence is better spent elsewhere.

I also was testing a version with An Offer You Can't Refuse and Dedicated Neural Net but that is just too variable for competitive play to land it consistently.

6 Jul 2016 shimya

Perhaps Consulting Visit with Cerebral Cast would provide for a better tag/scorch mechanism instead of SEA Source? Althoug, Consulting Visit costs 1 inf more :/

7 Jul 2016 Kelfecil

@saracenus It would indeed be way more difficult, but at the same time it will make the deck way more secure, since Archived Memories works mainly for getting back important pieces like Caprice or Batty.

x2 Chetana I find a bit too much, but may still be good, might try it out. I am defo adding a Mother Goddess instead of a Lotus Field now for the hard "ETR" in there.

I didn't really like The All-Seeing I since it was extra influence. I was very much considering a Closed Accounts or that, but yeah Voter Indimidation is so much cheaper and less cost heavy (cuz you have to land a tag too of course to play the others).

I did indeed check out the Offer card but it was indeed too variable and the Dedicated Neural Net, although it is a great idea, it is hard to score and awards only 1 point. The current build is so much more rewarding because of the fast 1-pointer that you get out. So I cannnot really add points that are just there to steal in most games. Awesome card though.

@shimya That is extra clicks taken so you can't SeaSource-Scorch anymore. I could add it just in case I can Scorch early (if I have SeaSource OR Scorch in hand AND that) but at the same time it's card space that only works for one reason. Not really into it when my main plan is scoring. That is why I mentioned Archived Memories which as I said earlier in this comment, work very well with other cards in the deck.

8 Jul 2016 Michael2.0

Cool deck, can't wait to play against it.

8 Jul 2016 Elodius

Oh come on, @Michael2.0... Kelf said he had enough of this shit already !

13 Jul 2016 Kelfecil

@Elodius What are you two on about? :P

20 Jul 2016 ogrillion

This is exciting! I'm always a fan of Jinteki decks that can incorporate Scorched Earth. I have one question: what is Clairvoyant Monitor for? Do you just use it as a psi etr, or do you try to put it over the scoring server to get an advancement or two out of it?

5 Aug 2016 Mechanoise

@Kelfecil "(I also do mentor/mentee sessions if you are interested :) )"

We can do that without having to kidnap you? If this is genuine I'd be interested breaking past the 'midcard' player skill level and improving :)

5 Aug 2016 Kelfecil

@ogrillion I actually started using Bullfrogs with better results lately. 3 to rez with 4 strength providing somewhat an ETR that can also work for building a bigger R&D or HQ or Remote (whatever you feel is needed everytime). It's quite funky, but it's nice. I'll upload the list with the new changes when I feel more confident about it in the near future.

@MechanoiseOf course! I'm quite busy till the end of September, but feel free to e-mail me at kelfecil(at)hotmail(dot)com. :)

13 Sep 2016 kollapse

September is coming to a close soon; we need an update to the current state of the deck, with whatever changes (newer cards?) you have made. :)

13 Sep 2016 Kelfecil

@kollapse sorry for the very long silence, but I am kind of still trying out various builds and I need to play a big tournament before I am able to post another build with an article up. I need to be certain before I share any results and opinions with you guys again! :)

But I am trying all sorts of things and I am getting results out of various builds, so you can definitely expect some changes. I wouldn't say huge changes, but still, a more solid build that stands up to the current meta.

14 Sep 2016 kollapse

Since this is a very different deck type than I'm used to, I have a hard time modifying it myself. For example: how do you deal with Rumor Mill? Add a current? Rely on scoring a 2/1?

It's a fascinating archetype and deck, will have to try it out some more.