Traditional Mandatory Upgrades Deck

JoeSalmon 8

This is my rather middle of the road Mandatory Upgrades Deck. The idea is to either score Mandy early on, and use the extra click to out pace the runner. Or make it clear to the runner your deck has a few traps in, and score Mandy later.

This deck does fine on, but I'm looking for feedback about how I could maybe tweak it a little more. Faust and Ice removal really wreck this deck sadly, as I need to have a safe scoring server I can get agendas scored in.

That said, once you've got one Mandy scored, it's not so bad even against a set up rig unless they are digging deep into R&D as you can fast score out quite a few of the other agendas, especially Chronos project which can wreck some runners if they are not expecting it and playing Faust.

This Deck is obviously trying to do things quite differently to a deck with Mushin No Shin and Media Blitz in like

Changes from Waldemar HB (2x Top 8 Regionals, DMQT Winner)

9 Agendas instead of 10 with: 3x NAPD contract switched for 3x Global food 3x Project Vitruvius switched for 1 ABT (making total 2) and 1x Chronos Project

15 Assets still although Encryption Protocol switched for Agressive Secetary and Project Junebug Eve Campagin switched for Melange Mining Corp added

Upgrades down 3 from 6 with everything removed bar Ash, with an extra copy making 3 instead of 2.

Operation wise I've gone from 3 hedge fund to 2 Blue Level Clearance

There is a lot more Ice with 20 total compared to the original 15. Only Architect remains from the original deck.

Reasoning behind the choices.

Agendas Agenda wise, I want to be able to not worry too much about R&D getting hit early. Early if you have Mandy in hand, then the focus should be on getting that scored, not worrying about the runner hitting a slew of agendas. 9 from 10 isn't a massive deal, but it does make some difference. Plus it's nice to reduce the amount of agenda points the runner can steal from the deck overall. The extra space for more ice is welcome as well, you need early hand ice to get your explosive start.

Assets, Upgrades and Operations When it comes to Assets and Upgrades I just found Encryption protocol a total dud, it was a dead card every time I drew it that made no impact.

Red Herrings is just that little bit easier to trash early game for the runner, so Ash does all the work instead. Often Ash will hang about after a run, as the runner won't have the 3 credits to trash, denying maybe 2 attempts instead of just 1 on an agenda. Plus removing this frees up influence for better ice.

Eve seems too expensive without a way to cheat her high cost. On the other hand the Mining Corp is brill once youve got that first Mandy scored. Spending 3 clicks isn't a huge commitment. It's also much easier to get started over from an unexpected siphon or something like that if you have the Mining Corp about.

Crisium might make the cut, but influence is a premium. If the runner is able to run pretty freely on a server it's only going to stop them the once. The solution is to make sure the runner can't do this by winning fast or creating an impassible wall of ice I've found. Maybe I'm not playing the card right.

Blue level clearance just helps you pull back much better from a devestating effect than hedge fund. The card draw is also really useful as you empty your hand fast with this deck sometimes.

Project Junebug is worth the include because although Cerebral overwriter has more of a longterm effect, this requires the runner keep double the amount of cards to stay safe. If I'm going to have a trap discovered I want it to be this. It's much scarier than CO in my book and slows the runner down more

ICE The Ice suit is all about a fast early game, which can still be taxing late on. Turing is the MVP bit of ice, non Anarch decks that splash for Faust come unstuck against it unless they've got for D4V1D as well. Even if they're running the card, this can give you the time to get your Mandy scored.

Meru is quite handy, but might get cut to free up influence. In games where HQ needs to be safe against Crims it is dead handy against those early account siphon attempts.

The NEXT ice is an obvious choice to include. It's cheap early, but gets big fast. NEXT Silver can be really taxing to Faust if you have enough other NEXT ice out (dam parasite).

If Architect starts firing that is almost as good as scoring Mandy. I normally put this on R&D in an opening hand and pray they go for it.

Eli is just good value ice. Late game it's stail fairly taxing. Quandary is in there because I can't take more NEXT ice.

Ichi can turn around games sometimes. Still not 100% sure on it thou.