Dr. Lovegood has left the building.

urbanfractal 84

I am trying to prove that Adam is better off following its (his?) Directives. This is my latest attempt to do so.

e3 is always the card I miss the most from my rig, so I upped it to 3x from the usual 2-off.

There is a constant battle for Resource spots among Symmetrical, Kati, Earthrise and Raymond Flint. I think the best value for money/clicks are Earthrise and Kati. The former saves you click and the latter turns it to 3 creds (almost- you still need a click to cash in).

I am really missing extra hand size (Public Sympathy, Brain Cage) but I hope I will have found Brain chip before the Hotels run out.

High Stakes Job replaces Bank Job, since the latter can only work once, really, against a competent player. High Stakes is a bit tricky, but can get you to a very good place, econ wise.

I think the rest of the cards need no further reasoning.

I am REALLY trying to make Adam work on full-speed, and any thoughts or ideas are more than welcome! Oh, the Doctor should be avoided, I don't trust anyone with anti-MacGuyver abilities.

5 Jul 2016 Phoenix

How are you handling the likes or Turing, Wraparound and Swordsman reliably and multiple times? A double Turing is basically a lock out right? Seems quite risky.

Not running additional directives also seems risky with all the SYNC: Everything, Everywhere around, especially of you are relying on ABR.

5 Jul 2016 deliveryman

I have always liked, what's it called, the shaper fractor/decoder strength = mu breaker for late game Adam.

6 Jul 2016 shanodin

@deliverymanSage ?

6 Jul 2016 urbanfractal

@Phoenix Well... You got me at "reliably and multiple times", ha! In my experience, there is no actual need to overcome them all the times. In most cases you will be able to outpace the corp and if they invest double Turing, Wraparound or Swordsman then it is high likely another server, perhaps central - perhaps not, will be easier to access.

Additional Directives on the other hand, is a very good point, that I am trying to patch up somehow. Recently I had a nasty exprerience of Midseason Replacements -> The All-Seeing I -> Wraparound -> oh, well.

@deliverymanSage is a brilliant suggestion that, as I see it, has the following issue: 6 influence for 2x in order for it to show up sooner or later. It does answer though the questsions risen by @Phoenix, so I will try to fit it in somehow, and I will let you know how it goes.

6 Jul 2016 deliveryman

One safe should do it, you don't need it right away. If you really want two, grab a special order to save an influence.

6 Jul 2016 urbanfractal

Here is another point of view: netrunnerdb.com

6 Jul 2016 deliveryman

Don't like that, you doing really need all that. The brain chip does the job by itself.

6 Jul 2016 urbanfractal

The Brain Chip needs Agenda Points to be of any use. Sure, sooner or later I will have some and my Overmind will be properly loaded with counters, but! Until then, I will either have to rely solely on Always Be Running to find Agendas or just deplete a 3-counter Overmind in no-time and then Scavenge it only after I have scored a couple of points. Bottomline: bottleneck.

Granted, Ekomind can be tricky and/or unstable but I believe it gives Adam the raw power it needs to keep on going no matter what.

6 Jul 2016 deliveryman

But that is what Adam does. Gets in early. He suffers in the late game.

6 Jul 2016 urbanfractal

Dude, you are playing an asymmetrical cardgame which relies heavily on innovative deckbuilding and out-of-the-box thinking while playing. If you set things in stone, you will probably miss a lot, imho. Sure, some things are archetypal, but most aren't!

6 Jul 2016 badbones777

While I kept Dr. Lovegood in mine, (though I also keep/play to the directives, I think they're great too) for what it's worth, this deck inspired me to try Adam, so thank you very much.

6 Jul 2016 urbanfractal

@badbones777That's the spirit! Glad to be of service. You can also check the alternative mentioned above, for even more Adamadness.

6 Jul 2016 Pinkwarrior

@urbanfractal I agree with your general premise that an Adam player should learn to live with the directives they are your ID after all. I also played alot without lovegood when Adam first came out.

However i don't believe one should play without lovegood he works so well with other cards and can blank that ABR on the odd time you really just need that click. I feel it's wrong to not run him at all but on the flip side i also feel it's wrong to run him without anything else to use him on.

I've seen lovegood sat their blanking himself for 90% of games before and feel that's a massive waste at the very least you can turn him into an Underworld Contact with a Drug Dealer.

29 Jul 2016 PureFlight

You could drop a Scavenge for a Mimic. Gets through Swordsman, frees up a pip, and is preeeetty much awesome in general.

Do you ever feel like you want a Levy to get back stuff you lost?