J.A.R.V.I.S. 2.0

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In this modern age, you need to focus on the things that matter, you need a robo-butler to make every day tasks a little easier.

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This is the MKII version of my Jeeves FA deck, the bones are the same with some notable additions from the end of the cycle.


Magnet is a fantastic early ice to keep your other ice alive and prevent the lock long enough to get the FA engine going

Architect when you land the surprise hit is great for returning a jeeves or an ash.

All of the other ice is pretty self explanatory. Survive long enough to cheat out enough agendas to win


Biotic Labor for when you are behind or when you have a jeeves down to FA a Efficiency Committee

Blue Level Clearance is an accelerant for the the FA fire you are trying to start

Lateral Growth Really makes Jeeves sing as we no longer depend on Subliminal Messaging to trigger the FA using jeeves and SFSS. Its also just a solid HB card.

Shipment from SanSan How would you like to FA a card for a net of two credits? (if Jeeves is already rezzed) Well then this card is for you. If Jeeves is not rezzed you break even on the score of a 3/2. It really can't be overstated how many FA combos become possible with this card in the mix.

Subliminal Messaging This card gives you money on the runner's Set up turns and also can trigger the jeeves/SFSS FA combo on a turn where you start with zero credits. Install agenda, Subliminal Messaging, SFSS, Gain click from three ops, advance agenda once, score, PROFIT.


Accelerated Beta Test and Project Vitruvius are no brainers, 3/2s make the world go round.

Efficiency Committee Robot butler shenanigans help you score one of these out of hand which then sets you free from jeeves to close the game. If you lose Jeeves you can do the tried and true Efficiency counter, SFSS score. If you keep Jeeves on the table then you now have many to close the game with a combination of counters, shipments, and other ops.

Global Food Initiative can be scored out of hand here, there is an entire list of how you can do this HERE


Ash 2X3ZB9CY Keeps jeeves alive and makes RD runs harder early.

Cyberdex Virus Suite Deals with clot.

Are you ready to accelerate your life? ConsiderJeeves Model Bioroids today!

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6 Jul 2016 badbones777

Love it

6 Jul 2016 Grimwalker

I wish I knew how to quit your decks, Dan

6 Jul 2016 The_Mynock

Do you miss reclamation order? I found it really important for getting FA cards back

6 Jul 2016 Benjen

Love it. I will have to try the ICE suite as my nearly identical deck uses different ICE. I managed to fit in a SanSan City grid because why not put as many FA tools in there as you can right?

6 Jul 2016 haywire

Looks good. :)
How's the Economy? Seem's a bit slim.

6 Jul 2016 CodeMarvelous

@The_Mynock I do miss it sometimes, the flex slot is removing one biotic for a reclaim>

@haywire the economy is surprisingly good when you consider you don't need a lot of money to score.

7 Jul 2016 urbanfractal

@CodeMarvelous I always found Domestic Sleepers being fantastic in similar situations, no-brainer with a scored Efficiency Committee.

7 Jul 2016 CodeMarvelous

@urbanfractal I find that I don't have the deck space for them. I would def play them if I was running Team Sponsorship

7 Jul 2016 onibaku06

@CodeMarvelous, have you considered Ravana 1.0 in this deck?

7 Jul 2016 CodeMarvelous

@onibaku06 Its on the docket for experimentation

9 Jul 2016 kwind

That .gif is hilarious. I wish I had a Jeeves to take my Oreos apart for me.

10 Jul 2016 goodknite

Also San San City Grid could be helpful at getting out some early points and leveraging fast advance tools, it also makes fast advancing a GFI very possible.

11 Jul 2016 HakenPerth

Been playing this deck and all I can say is wow I've always had a lot of money iced Centrals and scoring out agendas in the best ways. Great Deck man!! Also love your videos!

14 Jul 2016 formerteen

is magnet just for dealing with parasite? does it make sense to play if you're not seeing parasite?

14 Jul 2016 formerteen

also what's your normal server setup? is jeeves just behind 1 ice? what's typically protecting it?

14 Jul 2016 CodeMarvelous

@formerteen Magnet is gear check that deals with parasite and forces reg ass decks to install yog

I usually have two ice and an ash protecting Jeeves

14 Jul 2016 formerteen

@CodeMarvelous okay cool, thanks! that's because there's no actual scoring server i assume? just this jeeves server and FA bullshit?

16 Jul 2016 urbanfractal

@CodeMarvelousif tuning towards more Bioroids in order to use Ravana 1.0 then maybe Voting Machine Initiative is a better fit than Global Food Initiative and the 2 Influence could be used elsewhere.

17 Aug 2016 BizTheDad

This deck is REALLY good. I've played it at numerous GNK tournaments and it's done very well. I've gone 8-1 with it. Thanks so much for sharing.

17 Aug 2016 CodeMarvelous

@BizTheDad Thanks for giving it a go