Fear the MaxX.es

DarthIA 87

Since the very moment Fear the Masses was spoiled we were discussing in our group how to build a deck around it. So I took the challenge and came up with this list after a few iterations.

First builds had even Rolodex and Making an Entrance to try find faster more copies of FtM, but the former is actually really bad, while the latter is not that interesting, since it doesn't really do anything but shuffle around your cards. Certainly it would be more valuable in a Val version of the deck, since you can trash unnecessary cards to thin your stack.

So the idea is pretty simple: set up your WyldCakes, draw like crazy with the pancakes combo and MaxX ability, supported by Inject and Fisk Investment Seminar (which actually serves your ultimate purpose), and keep several copies of FtM in hand thanks to some Public Sympathy. Once you get at least three of them in hand and Faust, it's time for some riots.

Other support cards are Bhagat for the extra mill and Trope to return some FtM to the game. Economy is pretty tight, but you don't really need too much money since your main breaker is Faust. Landing a Liberated Account with a Career Fair usually gives enough fuel to kickstart the deck.

There are some weak points in the deck, but when it's working it's really fun to play. And, believe it or not, it's easy to make it work!

Some possible changes: add Yog.0 and some Datasucker to the mix; change Fisk seminars for Logos and some Spoilers for passive milling. I also tried Eater before but there isn't enough economy to support it.

6 Jul 2016 yluras

Interesting cocept. Would like some R&D pressure in the form of Keyhole, maybe...

6 Jul 2016 DarthIA

Since the focus is only on running HQ, I don't think Keyhole adds too much, but it may force the Corp to deviate its defenses to another server. I may try -1 Trope, +1 Keyhole and see how it goes.