Mushin's Vanity Initiative

Nick! 144

Fun deck I've been working on recently. It has 3 Vanity Projects, 2 Global Foods, and a Improved Protein Source. Mushin is what this deck predicates on, along with the low agenda density and the Greenhouse flip identity.

Pros: -Low agenda density gives the Corp the upper hand, while not fretting over protecting R&D and HQ too heavily. -Playing with Mushin and Junebug, the game turns into a lot of mind games. -With Hedge Fund, Beanstalk, Melange Mining Corp, and Mushin (free advancements) money is not typically a problem. -Excalibur can definitely put a wrench in the plans of Runners without an AI breaker. Couple that with Old Hollywood and/or Red Herring, even if the agenda is accessed it may not be able to be stolen. -Games can tend to drag out, which may make the Runner impatient and make mistakes (ex. JUNEBUG). -Shi.Kyu is interesting to take away agenda points from the Runner. It adds to the charm of Global Foods. However. this plays into Artist Colony, Data Dealer, etc. -It's a lot of FUN!

Cons: -Low agenda density affects the Corp, as well as the Runner. -Lack of "End the run" ICE within Jinteki and 5 influence gone to agendas, neutral ice were the only options. -Games can tend to drag out, which may make the Corp impatient and make mistakes.

BEST GAME with this deck: I won in 5 turns. Turn 1: Mushin out Vanity Project and protect it with an ICE. Turn 2: Advance, Advance, Advance and Score for 4. Turn 3: Beanstalk and drew back up to 5 cards. Turn 4: Installed another ICE in front of the ICE from turn 1. Then installed Global Foods and advanced 1. Turn 5: Flip identity to reveal Greenhouse for the win.

WORST GAME with this deck: I was winning 6 (Vanity and Philotic Entanglement) to 2 (Global Foods) after 7 turns. 16 turns went by with no agendas. I was down to four cards in R&D and the next 3 cards were Vanity, ICE, Vanity Global Foods. This happens on occasion. It is the luck of the draw, unfortunately. [I mentioned Philotic in this paragraph because I recently swapped it out for improved Protein Source. I did this because I never had trouble scoring Philotic Entanglement, but simply Philotic and Vanity were not getting me the wins desired. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.]

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

6 Jul 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Cobra seems pretty good here, as killing breakers really adds to your arsenal of rush tricks. Have you tried it or any other destroyers?

6 Jul 2016 Kikai

Have you considered Fast Track? It might help put the agenda density in your favour - plus you could Fast Track straight into Mushin No Shin for a hardcore mind game.

6 Jul 2016 Nick!

@FarCryFromHumanI like Cobra, but in this deck I don't want the runner to just be able to take the punishment and then get to the server.

6 Jul 2016 Nick!

@KikaiI have thought about Fast Track. That would definitely add to the mind games with the ability to Mushin No Shin out right after. Thanks for the suggestion.

6 Jul 2016 Nick!

@Kikai I have though about Fast Track. It would help some of those long waits on agendas and play into more mind games. Thanks for the suggestion.

6 Jul 2016 FarCryFromHuman

I'd use Cobra strictly as ICE #2, and only play it if it's going to land or be extremely taxing for the runner to pull out the counter. The whole point of destroyers in rush decks is to kill the breaker needed to get through the ICE at the base of the server.

I second Fast Track, it's a pretty integral piece of any low-agenda density deck.

Do you have 3x Excalibur just so you see it early? I suppose you can use extra copies for Allele Repression.

7 Jul 2016

Is Toshiyuki Sakai just to tax the runner/see how curious he/she is, or am I missing a combo here?

7 Jul 2016

Got it :-) Swap with Plan B and score.

7 Jul 2016 The Broken Meeple

That doesn't always work. The runner has to access Plan B for it to score out an agenda. Toshiyuki states the Runner can choose not to access the new card. It depends on how confident the Runner is that you haven't placed a Junebug there I guess.

7 Jul 2016 Eji1700

Does predictive algorithm/herrings ever do much? It's not like you run a very credit taxing deck, so i'm not seeing either one often stopping a runner in even the early game, let alone the mid . Likewise there's a somewhat similar issue with old hollywood and them just running once to trash and again to score (which seems especially rough given its cost. Nsei isn't quite as bullet proof, and can quickly become more expensive, but she's cheaper to get going and can protect herself (while being in faction). Also betting 0 so you keep 1 credit can be scary.

Saikai seems...gutsy, but maybe worth it.

Plan B strikes me as just bad? Even if you mushin and they run, you literally can't score anything from your deck when it fires? I suppose mushin, advance, lets you score an improved protein, but that's literally it. Shattered seems at least useful in niche situations (trashing a console can ruin their memory and trash programs). If it's a sakai play, then almost any other ambush you run wins the game.

Shi kyu- you don't seem to have a ton of money in this build. Do you stick these often? Shock might be better as it doesn't cost you anything, makes R&D and Archives runs costly, and is in general annoying.

Some other cards i'm curious about:

Overwriter- it's sorta the go to asset ambush for mushin given the damage is rough tempo wise and secretary could be nasty 1 of (but then again it doesn't win you the game).

1/2 back channels- it's obviously more conditional than beanstalk, but I probably wouldn't replace that anyways. More of another way to turn your failed traps into tempo.

Psychic field- ok so it's not nearly as good as the others since it can't kill, but lately i've run into 3 expose heavy val's. Maybe that's just my luck hitting jank though.

No enigma? It's at least taxing/obnoxious.

7 Jul 2016 Nick!``@The Broken Meeple``@Eji1700 Thanks for the feedback. When I originally built this deck, the plan was to have alot of advanceable Assets. However, as I started playing games with the deck, I took some out and that's how I got to where it is in this deck. I've updated the deck and published it.

I removed both Toshiyuki Sakai because it never brought me any gain. I also removed Red Herrings and Old Hollywood Grid because I never used them. I also removed 1 Executive Boot Camp and both Predictive Algorithm. (I'm keeping in one Executive Boot Camp solely as a potential DDoS protection.

Additions: 1) 2 Cerebral Overwriter to go along with my Project Junebug to ambush the runner and make them think twice before running a possible agenda. 2) I added in 2 Jackson Howard for the ability to draw two cards of course, but mainly as a recurrence possibility on Mushin No Shin, Economy cards, and Project Junebug and Cerebral Overwriter. 3) 2 Fast Track for the games when my few agenda are buried in the bottom (Jackson Howard shuffles will help with this too).

Interesting things I've found about this deck: 1) Melange is sneaky good. I had my qualms about using it, but figured I'd give it a try. A lot of times I put it out with my last click. Then on my next turn, assuming the Runner did not access and trash it (which has happened much fewer times than I would have imagined (I'm thinking Snare! fear is the culprit)) I rez it for 1 and gain 7. Many times the Runner is so bummed, they forget to run (and trash) it and I can gain 7 on the next turn as well. 2) Shi.Kyū actually works pretty well. Money is really not a problem in this deck, certainly not with the ability to Allele Repression and Jackson Howard econ cards back if needed. The runner usually takes the negative 1 agenda point which couples greatly with what Global Foods does best. I's fun for them to find a Global Food Initiative along with 2 Shi.Kyū in archives. 3) I love the ability to load up Project Junebug and Plan B with a lot of advancement tokens and then Trick of Light them over for the win. Very demoralizing to the Runner. If they run it, great. If they don't, that is great also.

Thanks again for the feedback.