MasN 97

Inevitability is the game of the game in this deck. If the corp does not win quickly, then this deck will lock the Corp down with the Paintbrush Ankusa Combo, fueled by a powerful Au Revoir Engine. The strength of thiis deck should be apparent, so I will list the weaknesses.

Code Gate/Sentry Gear Check: The corp can easily score out behind one of those. Until you can set up your engine, just put down a SMC and Clone Chips, and most corps won't try, unless they faced you before.

Horizontal: Probably the only type of Corp economy robust enough to be able to contest the Ankusa credit trade. A deep enough remote will stop the Paintbrush from getting through in time. It the remote isn't deep enough, lock it. If it is, and the Corp econ is weak, contest it early with the Blackguard and Ankusa. If it's strong, build up credits and Turning Wheel counters with repeated central runs. When they try to score, remove 2 or so ICE from R&D, and multi-access the turn after they score.

Archer: If you have enough extra Clone Chips, then you can face-check it. If you don't that remote is off limits unless you can get the corp under 4 credits. Unrezzed Mumba temple and a destroyer also pose that problem, but it is easy to remove the temple in that case. Enforcer can get clicked through.

Tech in a Plascrete if you see meat damage in your meta. You should be able to win a trace, but 24/7 doesn't require a trace.

15 Jul 2016 GrantZilla1979

This is one of the, frankly, best and ONLY uses for Ankusa that I've seen and want to experiment with - however Ashigaru and Tour Guide look like they would hurt - Ashigaru less so due to the Blackguard force-rez-n-bounce combo.

I guess if you build up enough TTW, you'll only have to pay it once, twice if stacked, three if insane - but a 10+ sub Tour Guide could cause you some fits.

15 Jul 2016 MasN

Ashigaru isn't a problem, because the 14 credits it costs us to break it hurts us less than the 9 credits it costs the corp to rez it. Tour Guide is problematic if the Corp has a large amount of remotes. If the Corp 's remotes are vulnerable, and the Corp is playing slowly, the Au Revoir engine should be able to to trash them, then walk over the Tour Guide. I believe you can turn it into a barrier and bounce it without breaking a single sub. If you are on a fast clock or the remotes are durable due to NBN:CTM, Gagarin, Genomics, Hostile Infrastructure, Museum of History, or similar, then you can either build a an insane amount of The Turning Wheel counters (requires the Tour Guide to be on the innermost ICE) and try to win off your 20 accesses, or you have to shift to a different server. Keep in mind that this deck can't ever get past 3 (non-barrier) ICE in a turn, because you need to paint, force the rez of the next ICE, then paint again. Still tons of fun when it works. Cheers!

15 Jul 2016 moistloaf

Wow great idea, the 2 MU on BG is perfect

16 Jul 2016 Pushover

Is there room for Unscheduled Maintenance? Could lock up a server if you bounce all the ICE.

16 Jul 2016 Elodius

this. is. awesome.

19 Jul 2016 igrekk

I can't get it how do you combo Snitch + Blackguard with Turning wheel + Au Revoir. If you force Corp to rez outermost ice on R&D and HQ then u can't jackout while charging Wheel and get Au Revoir money.