Accelerated Sponsorships - 5-2 SSCI 2016

emlun 477

My corp deck for SSCI 2016. Ended up rank 49 of 98 with 5 games won, 2 lost (runner won 1, lost 5, 1 timed win).

Matchups (if memory serves):

Kate, Nexus: WIN

Probably won this game thanks to baiting out a run through Architect on a BBG+Will-o' server turn 2, burying an SMC-ed Mimic. Runner couldn't rebuild their breakers fast enough, and I scored out behind gear checks accelerated by ABT and Team Sponsorship.

Hailey, Chameleon: WIN

Polop dance, but eventually managed to burn through runner's finite resources thanks to some good ABT pulls and TS triggers allowing me to pile up the ice.

Whizzard, Dumblefork: WIN

Very close last round. Runner at 6 points, winning agenda pretty safe in the remote, R&D locked down pretty well. Clicked to draw for a Will-o' I think, and got an ABT instead. Runner took two 50% shots at a porous HQ but missed both.

Andromeda, Rebirth to connections Iain: WIN

Kind of flooded (had 8 AP in play sometime around turn 4-5), but got the ice and economy I needed to start scoring. Ended up scoring ABT -> ABT -> ABT -> Vitruvius on 4 consecutive turns thanks to TS, firing all ABTs.

Whizzard, Dumblefork: LOSS

Flooded, and runner had Neutralize All Threats. Lost 6 AP in one turn and wasn't able to recover.

Hailey, Spy Camera/Panchatantra: WIN

Polop dance, but again managed to wear the runner out thanks to double TS and churning out assets and Will-o's through the gigantic remote after reaching 6 AP. Some good ABT pulls got me 4-5 ice, most of it rezzed, on both R&D and the remote.

Whizzard, Dumblefork: LOSS

Mulliganed from 2 agendas, Ichi 1.0, Heimdall 2.0 into 2 agendas and no ice, and then drew 3 more agendas. Runner had 6 AP turn 2 and double Medium turn 3. I somehow managed to pull through up to 4 AP - after forfeiting 2 AP to Archer - but eventually lost to cutlery-powered Medium digs.

17 Jul 2016 pandaman64

make room for domestic sleepers? triggers sponsorship, fodder for archer, worth 0 points for opponent, and can be the winning point after scoring 3 other agendas.

17 Jul 2016 emlun

I've considered it, but I can't think of anything to take out. I need the upgrades to be able to score the other agendas past the initial rush, and I want at least a third ice so i can always fire ABTs. I also put the Archer back in just before the SSCI, after taking out Little Engine, so there's another reason I haven't been running Domestic Sleepers.