The Basil Brush Show

Shockeh 751


(Obviously, 2x Traffic Accident is 2x BOOM!, but you can't publish a deck with unreleased cards in it.)


"You're a bad person Shockeh." - extrac, Jinteki superstar

The Basil Brush Show is Dyper's mortal enemy." - Rotage, click-obsessed creator of Dyper.

"I still say it's better in Haarp" - vapo, owner of the best beard in Netrunner. (Alledgedly.)

"You can tech against it. Guru Davinder!" - direct Tim Fowler quote.

"Oh cool you made a worse version of CI combo." - Alex White, dude who was pretty good at Netrunner in 2015.

"I beat this deck with a Brain Chip and 3 Plascrete installed." - emilyspine.
(This actually happened.)


This deck came 1st in the entirely-made-up Regionals over 271 rounds of Swiss that didn't actually happen, causing three players to literally quit the game forever, and one to choose Seppuku via frisbee over ever having to face it again.

All of the above is a lie. But it's better than your story about winning that 4 man Store Championship, isn't it?


What garbage is this? Who are you, where's your litany of impressive wins? How many Worlds has this won, did it make some streamer cry? Do you realise this 44 card deck is 27% Agendas?

Brought to you by the Stimhack Slack #uk, we present The Basil Brush Show, the most British of decks. Why? Because it kills people, of course! Oppressing people for their views when we don't like them (such as 'I'd like to visit R&D', or 'thinking Plascrete is a good card', for example.) is what we do!

You have four routes to killing a Runner, all of which sound utterly implausible, and all of which will occur a terrifying amount of the time.

They went fast, and as a result, went tag me:

a. BOOM! (2 Tags)
b. Draw Accelerated Diagnostics. Rez Lily Lockwell, put BOOM! on top of R&D. BOOM! (3 Tags)

They went slow, and as a result, have no tags. You need a Jackson (in hand, or installed), an Accelerated Diagnostics and a Power Shutdown in hand :

a. Score at least one Breaking News.*
b. Power Shutdown the entire remaining deck.
c. Fire our favourite toymaker. d. Shuffle in BOOM! x2, 24/7 News Cycle x1.
e. Accelerated Diagnostics.
f. BOOM!
g. What, you're still here? Cool. BOOM!
h. Use your last click to do the Macarena, or enjoy watching them call a Judge to be told they weren't able to Artist Colony their Plascrete, idk, it's your time.

You hate fun, and Hard-Hitting News them whey they can't clear the tags in time:

a. BOOM!
(I'd say this one doesn't count; It's just there for completeness.)

And that's it. No other plan; This is 'get combo into hand, make Runner DAED.' There's no Plan B, because there's like, only two ways in the game today to not die. You're welcome.

Finally, British High Five (yes, that's a cup of tea and a scone.) to JuanManuel Tumburus for getting to finally do what we all wanted to do for the last year.


Q. Why isn't this in {Insert Yellow ID here, usually Haarp}?
A. Because. No, seriously, Haarp is a legitimate alternative, (and is quite possibly better) but it started life in SYNC, so it's getting published in SYNC. YOUR MOVE.

Q. What do you do if all of X/Y/Z gets trashed?
A. You lose. That's how this game works.

Q. Actually, I think you'll find I've done the mathematical analysis of the perc-

Q. Your decks sucks!
A. That's not a question.

17 Jul 2016 Vapo

For the record, my beard is mediocre at best. This deck is better in Haarp tho :P

17 Jul 2016 MasN

Damn, I just made this on yesterday:

Agenda (10) 1 15 Minutes 1 AstroScript Pilot Program ○​ 3 Breaking News 3 Explode-a-palooza 2 Global Food Initiative ●​●​ Asset (4) 3 Jackson Howard 1 Sensie Actors Union ICE (11) 1 Archangel 3 Data Raven 1 Enigma 1 Gutenberg 2 Pop-up Window 1 Resistor 2 Wraparound Operation (18) 1 24/7 News Cycle 3 Accelerated Diagnostics ●​●​●​ 3 Hedge Fund 2 Interns 1 Midseason Replacements 2 Power Shutdown ●​●​●​●​ 1 Scorched Earth ●​●​●​●​ 1 Shipment from SanSan 1 Subliminal Messaging 3 Sweeps Week Upgrade (1) 1 Cyberdex Virus Suite

Probably worth cutting the Shipment from SanSan package. Concerning Boom!, "Do you really need another one?"

Cool trick with the Lily Lockwell. News Team is worth a consideration to slow the runner down. CVS might be nice to purge a clot to FA breaking news. 99% sure midseasons with better than hard-hitting because you can combo into it to Boom!, even without a scored breaking news. Not sure whether its better than Haarp.

17 Jul 2016 Popeye09

Presumably you only want to play the combo when the Runner has some form of meat damage prevention, or a hand of at least seven? Simply ending the game on "BOOM...." would just leave things hanging, an uncomfortably pregnant pause that never ends.

How do you deal with Runners who selfishly leave themselves open to the one-shot kill, depriving you of the catchphrase?

18 Jul 2016 Shockeh

@Popeye09 It's okay, I'll take one for the team. It's only uncomfortable for me; they're dead.

18 Jul 2016 Shockeh

@MasN You need 2 because, well, for one, you get to play 3 Operations through AD, so why not, and for two, 14 Meat kills them through everything except 3 Sports Hopper (Which they must pop before you do AD) or 3 Plascrete.

Highlight of the day will be if you Power Shutdown, and expecting some CI-esque FA shenanigans, they tutor for Clot.

"No, I'm sorry to say that wasn't the card you wanted."

18 Jul 2016 Shockeh

On the Haarp comparison:

I'm the first to agree that I think the Haarp build might be better. SYNC does bring a few things, too; 40/15 is a big deal when you're after combo pieces, you're less vulnerable to Employee Strike, and they're more likely to go tagme, which means the first win condition is stronger.

Basically it's easy to overlook some of the SYNC build advantages.

18 Jul 2016 SourSweet

counterdeck = Link decks? seems like a week econ for that.

18 Jul 2016 SourSweet

Cool build btw

18 Jul 2016 cursor

I'm in the 'better in Haarp' camp. Would you mind me publishing an alternative?

18 Jul 2016 Shockeh

@cursor Of course not; This purely started to demonstrate it could be done, I expect the Hivemind to come up with a sharper delivery mechanism. :)

18 Jul 2016 MasN

Agenda (14) 1 15 Minutes 1 AstroScript Pilot Program ○​ 3 Breaking News 3 Explode-a-palooza 1 Hades Fragment 3 Quantum Predictive Model 2 TGTBT Asset (6) 3 Jackson Howard 3 News Team ICE (10) 1 Archangel 3 Data Raven 2 Gutenberg 2 Pop-up Window 1 Resistor 1 Wraparound Operation (18) 1 24/7 News Cycle 2 Accelerated Diagnostics ●​●​ 2 BOOM! ●​●​●​●​●​●​ 3 Hedge Fund 1 Interns 1 Midseason Replacements 2 Power Shutdown ●​●​●​●​ 2 Shipment from SanSan 1 Subliminal Messaging 3 Sweeps Week Upgrade (1) 1 Cyberdex Virus Suite

Haarp alternative I am testing out. You can do some cool shenanigans with Hades Fragment in Haarp, but maybe that package is jank.

20 Jul 2016 gozik

better in NEH

20 Jul 2016 Shockeh

Obvious improvements -

Get in a 2nd 24/7 (In case they have some tag avoidance, but not a way to survive a single BOOM!) so you can do AD 24/7 24/7 BOOM!

Shoehorn in a Subliminal Messaging (gains you a click off AD) which enables some weird options for combos.

Try to make the Agendas less porous before you're ready to kill them. (A Midseasons or 2 might even cut it, as it'll make them concerned you can BOOM them early, but the best answer is still probably 'export the deck to Haarp')

21 Jul 2016 emilyspine

Dies to being heavily teched against :D

21 Jul 2016 manveruppd Sorry, I had to.

24 Jul 2016 gensym

In the first scenario ("They went fast, and as a result, went tag me"), the two Traffic Accident plays cause 4 meat damage. That's unlikely to flatline a runner right? I suppose I don't see how this is a killing move.

24 Jul 2016 Shockeh

@gensym see all them notes? There's things to read in there.