Advancing Demise v1.2

miaxari 130


Ever since I saw the Tennin Institute ability I was hooked on the idea of a building a deck for it. Tennin offers a level of flexibility that other abilities don't: advancing is an essential part of winning netrunner whether it's an agenda, trap or piece of ice. The biggest problem with this deck was the abilities condition: "if the Runner did not make a successful run". To succeed with Tennin you need to find ways to reliable end a lot of runs, especially early game, so that you can gain that extra special benefit of free advancement. Advancing a card is worth two clicks, one to get money and another to place the advancement token on it so it Tennin's ability is especially useful.



Playing advancable ice is a necessity in this deck as it gives you something to do with free advancements that you get when there's no agenda around. A strong Ice Wall or highly advanced Hadrian's Wall will sufficiently drain the runner enough and protect them from parasites. Chimera is a very good Paintbrush obstacle and allows you to be even more certain of keeping the runner out early game when they don't have every icebreaker.


Snare allows you to play Celebrity Gift without too much exposure. Commercialisation is a fantastic card in this deck because you can actually make money from it rather than getting money back: ice that you've advanced for free is now an efficient source of economy, use Jackson to get Commercialisation back a few times. Sundew is of course a nice form of economy but you might have a hard time defending it in this deck, see below.


Keep your servers to a minimum in this game, ideally five, all protected by at least 1 piece of ice: HQ, R&D, Archives, Sundew and Agendas. You need to protect every server early game otherwise the Runner will stop you from advancing things.


This deck excels when you manage to use the available Nisei. Scoring Nisei MK II allows you to start a Nisei MK II train as you may be able to stop the runner accessing the next agenda, advance it once at the start of your turn and then 3 more times to score it. Caprice really helps, play her in a remote to make an agenda particularly hard to score. Akitaro can be used to make it free to repeatedly rez Chimera.


Tennin is special: it can advance ANY card. So you can make a non advancable asset look like an agenda and confuse the Runner further. In this deck it can be amusing (if you have no other options) to advance an unrezzed piece of ice to give the impression that it is an Ice Wall or Hadrian's Wall, this ability to mislead the runner may prevent them from running until they have enough funds. You can of course use Trick of Light or Commercialisation to profit off of these useless advancements later.